Other Sports Catch-All


This is the thread for other sports that deserve an occasional shout-out, but probably don't have enough interest to have their own thread. Y'know, golf, tennis, netball, whatever.

We're posting this today because Eliud Kipchoge runs very, very, very fast.

Averaged 4:34 a mile, and did that 26.2 times in a row. That's a 68.5 second lap, or 100 meters every 17 seconds. I don't know if I could beat ANY of those numbers. I don't know if I could do a 4:34 mile on a bicycle.

Like, how insane is this? Next time you go to a gym, see if you can set a treadmill to his average speed, 13 mph.

And even for the haters, it's not like he was running marathons in 2:35:00 before this. He already has the marathon World Record from Berlin, when he did it in 2:01:39. Just ridiculous.

Great achievement. A lot of haters banging on about his team of pace makers need to look up the history of these sort of achievements. Roger Bannister's 4 min mile for example.

I like it. Good thread

Japan! Good at Rugby!

Wicked cool and screw the haters. All sports have incorporated technology and whatnot to get better and better. He still did this with his mind, legs and body.

My only gripe is how commentators can't help talking about history being made and all that crap. Always takes me out of the moment. (Elections are worse at that, admittedly.)

Prederick wrote:

Japan! Good at Rugby Union!


Not good enough.
Doesn't seem like they'll make it out of the quarter final.

That England vs New Zealand semi final looks like the final, I know you can't write off the Springboks or Wales but those 2 looked so much better than any other team in their 1/4 finals.

Wow. All Blacks out. That's a shock, right?
The South Africans were only concerned about New Zealand. They're probably OK with how it turned out.

slazev wrote:

Wow. All Blacks out. That's a shock, right?
The South Africans were only concerned about New Zealand. They're probably OK with how it turned out.

Indeed! Another England win would be their first since Jonny Wilkinson's dramatic winner in 2003, right?

So proud of my team. South Africa absolutely dominated that final! Just awesome!

Seeing Siya Kolisi lift that trophy brought tears to my eyes. Special

Floyd Mayweather in UFC talks to 'come out of retirement' in 2020

My shocked face.

Former five-weight boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather says he is "coming out of retirement in 2020".

Mayweather, 42, made the announcement on social media after an earlier message that he was in talks with UFC president Dana White.

"Dana White and I are working together again to bring the world another spectacular event in 2020," he said.

Mayweather's last outing saw him win an exhibition boxing match against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa.

100% chance that Floyd needs another massive payday.

Joshua-Ruiz II is this weekend. I think it's a coin flip.

And while I know boxing has the legacy of Muhammad Ali standing tall over it, I really don't think there's any value to asking people who professionally sustain brain trauma piercing questions about the nuances of human rights and 'sportswashing'.

And Joshua wins.

If this was a competently run sport they'd already be in the process of setting up Wilder-Fury II and then the winner of that gets Joshua for everything, but this is boxing, which is anything but "competently run."

I still think Joshua is only going to beat Wilder if he doesn't catch that one punch. Which is easier said than done.

University of Louisville volleyball just advanced to our first ever Elite 8, by beating the #2 Texas Longhorns at their gym, 3-2. They hadn't lost a tournament game their since 2006 (36 in a row). Pretty wild night.

8pm tomorrow, chance to go to the Final Four, vs Florida/Minnesota winner

Somebody probably should have told them that they had another game to play.

Yeah apparently Minnesota was mad they lost in last year's elite 8 and on a mission. Only 3 unseeded teams have ever made the final 4, and Louisville failed to be the 4th.

Good news is we had 0 seniors, so with everyone back next year should be good.

Walked into the ring talking a bunch of trash, walked out with a broken jaw and cried about it being "rigged" on Twitter. Hate to see it, Mr. Covington.

From the same Internet aether that brought us "Boom goes the dynamite," I present to you "Was she run over like that?"

I do not watch NASCAR, generally, but boy howdy, the Daytona 500 has been ridiculous. Every time I've looked up, it's been a crash.

Edit: No, this is potentially really bad.

Yeah, that last crash with Newman, I didn't realize how bad it was until they showed a replay. Twitter scuttlebutt says he's stable.

EDIT: Serious but stable condition.

How sad that the NHL is getting relegated to "Other Sports" status here, just as it is in the larger American sports media.

Anyway, another backup goalie got a NHL W this year. Delightful.

Also, Wilder and Fury should be giving each other brain damage imminently.




Ali Frazier 1, 2, and 3 on ESPN tonight.

Chris Froome fears large crowds even if Tour de France is 'behind closed doors'

Call me crazy, but I don't think the TdF can be held "behind closed doors." It's basically saying "please don't come out to watch us ride by your house."

Man, all credit to Bubba Wallace for taking the fight to NASCAR. Somewhat unsurprisingly, a noose was found in his garage today, but he's still standing strong.

Prederick wrote:

Man, all credit to Bubba Wallace for taking the fight to NASCAR. Somewhat unsurprisingly, a noose was found in his garage today, but he's still standing strong.

He deserves massive credit for his stand. I think it will be among the actions that could make the biggest difference in forcing all reputable US businesses to stop tolerating Confederate flags and other racist iconography.

And Nascar drivers responded well imho:


Was also impressed that Richard Petty (at age 82) came out to take part in that and support Bubba Wallace.



Oh, wonderful.

Yes, I saw "Jussie Smollett" trending this evening and IMMEDIATELY knew what they were talking about.