International GWJ Day October 19th, 2019 Update!



Hello, Everyone!

Saturday, October 19th, 2019, we’ll be celebrating International Gamers With Jobs Day! You can find the original post with all the same details and explanations and more here.

In short, we have several gathering plannings in the work, and latecomers and last-minute plans are welcome to take a look and see if something aligns with you.

Chimalli's IGWJ's Day 2019 - Tabletop Simulator sign-up thread

Portland, Oregon
Minneapolis/st Paul, Minnesota
Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
LA/Orange County, California
Indianapolis Area, Indiana
Chicago, Illinois
Vancouver, British Columbia (Next Weekend)?
London, United Kingdom**NEW**
Toronto, Ontario (Next Weekend?)
Washington, DC/Metro Area**NEW**
Boston, Massachusetts**NEW**

IGWJD Oct 19th Streaming Schedule

We have a schedule with a few open slots (read only) right here if you’re interested in having your personal gaming stream hosted by GamersWithJobs on Twitch on Saturday the 19th! A few time slots still available. You can play with a team or solo stream. All are welcome! I want you to be seen by the folks in this community.

A few folks reached out to offer some amazing things for you folks to enjoy! Mark, aka InigoMantoya, designed some really fun overlays and animations for our Twitch channel to use that Saturday. I’m really happy with the designs and hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Please do keep in mind these are just test screens to get the gist; the finals are tweaked and fairly easy to customize and place as you see fit!

We're showing stills for now, but new followers and subscribers will have a fun little surprise, and some intro screens and transitions, as well. If you have signed up as a streamer, you will be receiving an email early next week with instructions and links for downloading your overlay streaming packet.


These elements are movable, and fairly easy to re-arrange for the needs of each streamer's scenes. The Stan logo, however, is locked to the lower left corner. For "reasons." Good ones, promise! I had the camera moved to the middle here, but we also played with it on a 50:50 split with camera and chat, too. Still reads great. Not shown here, but to the left of the webcam window is space for a countdown clock.


I'm pleased with how these transition screens turned out! I will be using them between streamers to show the calendars and who's up next.


If you’re interested in getting custom work for your very own streaming overlays, you can contact him at [email protected]. Thanks so much, InigoMantoya!

I'm really, really looking forward to spending time with you all, and seeing your smiling faces and hearing tale told of your gaming adventures. Please do take pictures, screenshots, videos, and streams of your gaming and share with us over on Twitter or Instagram so that we may in turn share them with your fellow community members! Use #igwjd2019, #gamerswithjobs, #gwj so we may find you.

Thanks so much! I look forward to seeing and hearing from you!