IGWJ Day - DC Region October 19th

Several of us DC area goodjers have had DM conversations and we ultimately ended up on this. This far, we’ve got Robear, Kirk, DocIncurable, Mixolyde, and maybe LastSurprise. Wanted to put out a forum post to catch any others before next weekend. I’m pumped to meet you all!

My wife and I are happy and able to open up our home from 3-8PM on Saturday, October 19. We have eye doctor appointments in the morning, and kids that have to get their bedtime started at 8:00. I can make a cheeseburger casserole (it's delicious) for dinner time, served at 5:30.

We're stocked with a Switch, some appropriate group games there. Exploding Kittens, Hanabi, Sushi Go, other various card games, lots of "not too-intense" board games, and people could bring other options to play as well, should they wish.

Let me know if you want in and I’ll get you a PM with addresses and stuff!

Mrs. Mix, mini-Mix and I are almost definitely in. As certain as anything can be with a toddler. We can bring games and snacks from the exotic Northern Virginia Harris Teeter. We have a new Aldi, too.

I'll probably bring Tsuro and Love Letter, which are my go-tos for groups. Maybe Marrying Mr. Darcy because my wife loves it. And maybe my print out of Secret Hitler, because *FUN*.

*FUN* Indeed! Glad you had your vacation dates wrong and can join us.

I'm in the maybe category. I hope to get some clarity the next couple of days.

Look forward to meeting ya'll. Should we bring snacks/drinks?

Dr.Incurable wrote:

Look forward to meeting ya'll. Should we bring snacks/drinks?

Yes, that would be greatly appreciated! Pass that on to Kiri for me, please

Some of the group has already replied. Thank you! I am requesting a final response by Tuesday evening so my wife and I can prepare.

Looking forward to this hang out. I’ve been hoping to do this for years!

We won't be able to make it, but have fun with the goodjer slap and tickle, it's been a while!

I'll need to get to one of these some day. Unfortunately this coincides with our trip to Disney this year. Maybe next year! (We're up near Frederick, MD for reference)

We'll post pictures!

Hey! I would be interested in joining, I can certainly bring some snacks and light board games.

Awesome Wizard! Check your DMs, and let's get you setup.

DC IGWJ Day was a success, albeit tempered by absolutely horrible traffic (2x expected travel times) and sickness and other events that prevented some of the hoped-for guests from arriving. Zoso and his family (his wife and son were there but I’m really bad with names) entertained the Bears (Robear, Kiri and DrIncurable) and Mixolyde in the splendid Nerd Science house, a positive hothouse of cool plants and tech trinkets in scenic southern Maryland.

We played part of a game of National Parks, a newly kickstarted game that turns out to be a lot of fun. We all agreed it will hit the table next time we get together. Zoso provided his deservedly famous Cheeseburger casserole with Caesar salad, a wonderful dish that owes more to lasagna than cheeseburgers and which was entirely delicious. Mixolyde regaled us with tasty guitar licks, and Lucy the chill Berner provided diligent under-table cleaning services and sat quietly for pets in exchange for the occasional potato chip (shhhh! Don’t tell!). And we found out a ton of cool inside info on the inner workings of A Famous Museum. Excellent conversation all around.

I hope next time we have friendlier traffic and less trouble with wayward bacteria and virii, so that everyone who wants to can attend, but we can now attest to the friendliness and wonderful hostliness of the Zoso clan. Long may their plants bloom! And many thanks for hosting the gathering.