What the heck...headset and controller randomly disconnecting?

Hello tech friends.

Recently, periodically my headset and xbox wireless controller seemingly disconnect from my PC. This does not always happen with both devices at the same time. The USB dongles for the devices are not plugged into the same USB port. I thought, at first, this was a bug with Borderlands 3 as it seemingly only happened while playing that game. Today, though, the issue struck when playing a STEAM game.

Any advice is welcome!

With appreciation,

What brand/model is your headset? I have had this occur with wireless 2.4ghz connections, and my phone sitting next to the tower... Found by moving my phone it resolved.
This was with Corsair Voids.

Thank you. I’ll check. The headset used to disconnect periodically until I moved the usb single to a more visible place. The controller issue is baffling.