Gamers in Atlanta?

Hello! I'm packing up and moving to Atlanta in a couple of months. I did a search to see if there were any groups of goodjers hanging out around the area in the forums. I didn't see any yet. But I was looking for advice from people in the know about advice on places to live and things to do. I've never been to Atlanta. It's all new to me.

I'm 45 min to an hour North of Atlanta. If your profile is right and you are in Boston currently, we have a lot in common. My wife is from Pittsfield (Western Mass) and I grew up in CT. We moved down here in 2014 and absolutely love it.

One thing I'll say is that Atlanta sucks. It's crowded, it's busy, there's nowhere to park. I feel like it's worse than Boston is. I absolutely miss Boston and NYC but not a huge fan of Atlanta. That doesn't mean it's not a great place to live, I just don't want the city life. I like my house, my yard, and a place for the dogs to run. I work in Alpharetta (Roughly halfway between my house and Atlanta) so like the burb life. I'd rather live a little further out and commute rather than spend quite a bit more to live closer to where I work.

What brings you down here? If it's working in Atlanta, forget everything I just said. I can't offer any really good advice for living in that area as I never have. Also, the commute to Atlanta is absolutely terrible. This means that you will want to live close.

You may want to check (again, for work or whatever reason is bringing you here), MARTA. It's our public transit that just about everyone uses. You can take it right from the airport and it goes to quite a few destinations all through-out the Atlanta area.

Feel free to ask any other questions or send me a message privately. I'll be happy to help with whatever information I can.

Thank you!

Moving down there because my SO got a job at Zoo Atlanta. And I will likely be working either in the Northwest or Northeast suburbs (my company has two locations I can transfer to). Ultimately we are probably going to live north of the zoo but not sure how far north, or how far east/west. I don't know if we'd be in Atlanta proper, but probably closer than Alpharetta.