Game of the Decade (2010’s)


We are 95 days until the end of the decade. As such;

What games do you think deserve to be considered for being the best game of the entire decade?

Bioshock: Infinite

Final Fantasy XIV

There have been other classics, but none of them came close to the seismic shockwave that struck when Elder Scrolls 5 landed.

Skyrim certainly makes a strong argument just on the vast number of systems it has been on, and the longevity of people's interest. Heck there is still a topic about it going from 2011. While it may not be the biggest thread it certainly has stayed in the consciousness of gamers for far longer than any other game I can think of from the 2010s

Running Man wrote:

There have been other classics, but none of them came close to the seismic shockwave that struck when Elder Scrolls 5 landed.

I approve of this message. It's a game I can keep going back to over and over, on three different just roam around and ignore the main questline. Because shiny.

Witcher 3.

Dark Souls.

There's a reason "The Dark Souls of" has become such an inescapable meme. No other title has had a fraction of its influence on game design in the eight years since its initial release. It remains a relatively niche series, yet its influence has stretched from the smallest indie titles to the biggest AAA hits.

Skyrim's a good pick that fits into a theme I feel has to be considered.

A Game Of The Decade has to consider "length of time of relevance", does it not? Yer Warcrafts and Destinies and Skyrims qualify for that.

That incredible game you played in the summer of 2011 and have never touched since just doesn't carry the same water.

Wouldn't be my personal choice, but GTA5 should probably in the discussion.

Skyrim is certainly a great pick for this.

Dark Souls is another great pick for this; though I would personally lobby for it to be on the list, I can understand why there might be some hesitation.

However, I'm going to throw this out there: Minecraft.

merphle wrote:

However, I'm going to throw this out there: Minecraft.


I can appreciate Skyrim, and Minecraft, for their longevity, replayability, relevance, and popularity.

Off the top of my head I go to Breath of the Wild, Resogun, Bloodborne, Mario Kart 8, whilst accepting they may be more so champions within each select genre, or category, rather than an overall choice.

GTA V, whilst untouched by I, has remained crazy popular since it released. Then there's the critical darling known as The Witcher 3!

My personal pick would be Dark Souls, though it's hard to argue with Minecraft.

In sheer man-hours played (by everyone on the planet) Minecraft probably tops the list.

Untitled Goose Game.

Skyrim would be the top 'never been better before' - in it's league. Just like wow was the decade before. GTA V comes close.. true.

I am trying to think of a game with mechanics and/or playstyle that is new: not to bee seen in 2000s. In that regard I think Minecraft will win, allthough I never played it (for my kids it's a timesink).

Dark Souls. I guess Demons Souls was 2009, and after that Dark Souls was less of a surprise, but still, hard to compete with that.

Diablo 3

Personally, for me it's X-Com. But in a consensus non-subjective sort of thing? Definitely Minecraft, with Fortnite in second place. Though that might even be too reductive, and something like Words with Friends, or Bejeweled, or Clash of Clans might be the real answer.

I could imagine any of the following:
- Minecraft
- PUBG (basically spawned a genre)
- Fortnite
- Witcher 3
- Skyrim
- Rocket League
- League of Legends (released October 27, 2009, but really came into its own later)

Angry Birds (December 11, 2009) was a sensation for a while, but has faded since, afaik.

Only ones of those I put any time into are Minecraft (lots) and a bit of Rocket League. Hope to one day get to Witcher 3 (and 2, and finish 1), and maybe dabble in Skyrim.

As for a personal GotD, I'd be hard pressed to decide between:
- Abobo's Bid Adventure
- Frog Fractions
- Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
- Tales from the Borderlands
- The Wolf Among Us
- What Remains of Edith Finch

Right now I'd go with Edith Finch for leaving the biggest impression on me, but that answer could easily change 10 minutes from now.

Monster Hunter: World.

It's only between Minecraft and GTA V as far as I'm concerned, and Minecraft wins out given the cultural impact. I didn't play either for very long, but you can't argue with their popularity, longevity and units moved.

Running Man wrote:

There have been other classics, but none of them came close to the seismic shockwave that struck when Elder Scrolls 5 landed.

Ditto. Vote x2


A beautiful story on depression and anxiety combined with the finest 2D platforming gaming has to offer. What makes this game so amazing is how the protagonist's struggle in overcoming her mental health issues is mirrored by your struggle to overcoming the game's (extreme) challenge. It's something rare when gameplay and story are intertwined so masterfully.

My view of the past decade (in no particular order):

Definite contenders:
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 3
Shadow of Mordor
XCOM2/War of the Chosen

Honorable mentions:
Elite: Dangerous
Sword of the Stars
Portal Knights

Slay the Spire
Horizon Zero Dawn

Gone Home

Dark Souls. While Demon's Souls started the genre it was Dark Souls that mainstreamed it and brought it to multiple platforms. If anyone one game can define a decade its the game that has set the tone for difficulty level and style of play.

Red Dead Redemption released 2010, so that should also be up there. I'd say I enjoyed that way more than any other Rockstar game.

Dyni wrote:

Dark Souls.

This is weirdly like stackoverflow. Someone posts the correct answer early on and then people just keep going afterwards.