2020 NBA Catch-All: Offseason

Lost to them damn carpetbaggers on a Friday night. Deeply disappointed.

Turns out League Pass is doing a free week through 10/29. I am trying it out on my Roku tonight and so far at least the five minutes I've watched of the Philly / Detroit game seems fine, good quality and no hiccups.

gamerparent wrote:

I would just like to shout out Top_Shelf who is crushing me this week our matchup in Fantasy league.

Hahaha! Week 1. We'll see how long my rookie luck lasts!

re League Pass I ended up adding NBA TV Canada to my TV channel lineup, and it's got more than enough games for me to watch, so I didn't use my League Pass yet.

@Top_Shelf you got all the good players! I am madly dropping and adding players this week. I hope that it pans out in the long run also! I really am not sure what I'm doing, but I'm having fun doing it!

There's part of me that really wants to splurge and get League Pass but since I just turned on regular cable that includes ESPN, TNT and NBA TV, it seems excessive. Plus with two little kids there's zero time to actually watch what I do have access to.

Top_Shelf beat me by 100 points only. I was definitely hampered by injuries to two of my guys this week (Lamb and Kanter) so that didnt help.

Same outlook for this weeks matchup but I'll have to ride it out.

Wondering if next season we should do a GWJ league? This is quite fun.

Sounds like we got MAXIMUM EMBIID tonight.

So the Warriors are done, I guess that opens up a playoff spot for the Pelicans or Wolves or whatever team you thought was on the bubble. Injuries suck.

The Warriors are toast for sure. At one point the Suns (who are a little frisky, to be honest) were up 43 - 14.

Meanwhile in other news the Rockets put up 159 points. Harden had 59, but 17 of those were free throws.

Sixers are embracing the Detroit Bad Boys model of playing tough defense and getting chippy as much as possible. Embiid said all the right things last night even evoking the Broad Street Bullies. He is playing to the town perfectly and the Sixers are surpassing the Eagles as Phillys favorite team. We love being the most hated team in sports and so far it seems to be working.

Love Bens chokehold on Towns. That was almost UFC like. In any case I love that we aren’t letting teams just shoot open 3’s anymore so that’s a step up.

Just watched a clip of the shoving. That looked like a bunch of nothing to me, and Towns was the instigator locking up Embiid's arm and then swinging back when Embiid pushed him off. I am sure Embiid did his usual Embiid crap of talking trash and playing dirtyish to get Towns pissed off.

Right. The real drama came afterwords where Embiid said a bunch of things I find highly regrettable. Calling Towns a "p*ssy" and other fairly crappy things.

My favourite Siakam move from last night's Lakers / Raptors game at 2:43

gamerparent wrote:

My favourite Siakam move from last night's Lakers / Raptors game at 2:43

I enjoyed Siakam roasting Kuzma in that game.

Siakam is so much fun. FvV Sr and OG too. It’s cool to, hopefully, get a little glimpse of the Raptors future right now.

Vector wrote:

Siakam is so much fun. FvV Sr and OG too. It’s cool to, hopefully, get a little glimpse of the Raptors future right now.

I know nothing about basketball but OG looks a lot more explosive when he leaps this year which I'm hoping is a sign he's fully healthy.

With all the injuries to the Raptors (Lowry, Ibaka, McCaw, Anunoby) they called up Oshae Brissett and Dewan Hernandez from G League... I'm hoping they get some time tonight against the Blazers, it would be good to see what they can do.

It was definitely a case of opportunity knocks when they played the LA teams, RHJ and Boucher both showed some good things.

On a personal note, I succumbed to my fandom and bought a Siakam jersey...

Video's down everywhere, so here's an article about Austin Rivers trying to get Doc Rivers T'ed up.

If I tried that on my father, he'd turn around and yell at me, "This close to Christmas?!"

Also, 'Melo is apparently now a Blazer.

Rat Boy wrote:

Also, 'Melo is apparently now a Blazer.

As much as I'm loathe to admit it this is a no-brainer. The Blazers are really thin up front.

I am VERY much enjoying the Ja Morant experience thus far.

So, Carmelo's return to the NBA went exactly as anyone with even a passing interest in efficiency would expect: A highly inefficient performance in which he was a major detriment to the team in the limited minutes he played. 10 points on 14 shots and 5 turnovers in 24 minutes. His -20 plus minus was by far the worst of any player in the game (-10 was the next closest).

Was it his first game after a year+ long absence? Yes. Is this game any different than most every other he has played for the past decade? Not really.

gamerparent wrote:

cybardian what team are you?

I'm the New Brewton Guzzlers.

Wore my Knicks hat to work today, and as they are getting absolutely splattered by the Jazz, a co-worker comes by my desk and says "Y'know, it's really impressive that they've deadened your soul so much that you can keep wearing their gear in public without shame" and I had no comeback.

This is where the theory of multiple dimensions comes in handy. In some alternate dimension out there the Knicks have a dynasty and have won the championship for the last 20 years. Take pride in that.

Honestly, at this point, they could hang a banner for that.

"Earth 4, National Champions, 4713-4714 season"

And Fizdale's out. He wasn't the entire problem, but he wasn't helping. Too bad, I really had high hopes for him.

In Everybody Hates Chris news, Chris Paul just ratted out Jordan Bell for stepping onto the court with his jersey untucked with 1.1 seconds left in the fourth, shouting “Jersey untucked! Jersey untucked!” at the refs and getting them to call a delay of game on Bell.

This was Minnesota's second delay of game, so it led to a technical, which led to a free throw which OKC sank.

This meant when the Thunder got the ball back they were only down by two... they scored as time expired and then won in overtime.

They should put this video on Chris Paul's HoF induction.