2020 NBA Catch-All: The Lost Season?


bhchrist wrote:
Blind_Evil wrote:

I’d say a third of people are as bad or worse

Holistic view or straw man? Assuming your argument, even if a third of people are as bad or worse, that is vindication to being an a-hole? It isn't to me.

I am by no means arguing that Jordan is vindicated. I’m saying he’s beyond needing to be. Again, it’d be sweet if he was a very nice guy. Would he still be MJ if he was? We don’t know and I’d lean no. Does it bother me that he’s not? No, and I don’t think I would care what the general public thinks if I were in his shoes. That’s all I’m saying.

Edit: and if you want data to stand that straw man up, have you seen the state of the world? I would have never thought “many people suck” would need explicit defending.

I think the disconnect comes from years of aggressive marketing that MJ was a nice guy and had a personality worth admiring.

It turns out that not case, which isn't a surprise to some, but is to many. They have to reckon with that dissonance, which is jarring.

We expect our Corporate CEOs to be ruthless, aggressive, and trample on/bully their subordinates and badmouth/ undermine their rivals. No one is putting that kind of person on a pedestal and praising their good character. And even if e.g. a PR firm was putting that message out it wouldn't get the kind of attention/traction that MJ had in the culture.

MJ was in Space Jam.

Be like Mike!

As examples.

Jordan also does have some qualities worth admiring. And he can be charismatic as hell. It's not like he's 100% asshole 100% of the time.

On the Scottie Pippen part where MJ called him selfish for not going back in for the last second shot that Phil called for Kukoc:
I really liked this example, not for labeling Pippen as selfish. I actually though this was one of the best moments in the series.

You only need a little nuance to see that Pippen's teammates don't think he's a selfish PERSON, but it was a selfish and petulant ACT. I don't see how you could call it anything else with a straight face.

It was one of the more adult moments of the series when the teammates said that they had to address and confront that issue in order to regroup as a team and continue on. And they forgave him once he was mature enough to apologize. Because that's what decent people do. It's ludicrous to think people won't make mistakes, but it's immature and petty to not accept a sincere mea cupla and apology.

I thought the creators did a good job showing that the teammates didn't think of Scottie as selfish in general, but that he acted contrary to his typical character in that moment.

Even in the limited sports talk world of 1994, Pippen got eviscerated for that move. Imagine twitter and the 3 hour ESPN/FSN talk shows now talking about it.

People and Twitter can be awful that way. It was a mistake and it's fair to point it out.

It's savage to keep twisting the knife and pouring salt in the wound and beating the dead horse over and over.

It also doesn’t remotely offset being the second most important member of the most decorated title winning team since the 60s Celtics.

That probably went a ways to smoothing things over with his teammates. The act was selfish, but the rest of his career was demonstrably anything but.

DSGamer wrote:

Top_Shelf can speak for himself, but I assumed he was saying that Jordan was obviously number #1.

I agree, overall, that that argument over who the best is is largely pointless and it's almost impossible / unfair to compare eras.

I actually don't think Jordan would be as dominant in the modern era. His modern comp would be closer to Dwyane Wade's career, IMO. Who knows, though. Jordan was so competitive, maybe he trains himself to be a knockdown 3 point shooter.

Kareem definitely wouldn't be as dominant right now. He wouldn't be hitting those slow, lumbering sky hooks at 39 with the modern NBA defenders able to drop down and double team him.

I'm a month behind, but just had to chime in on this post. I agree that these arguments are largely pointless, but I have to say that I think Jordan would be as dominant as he was in his era or more so. If we look at Kawhi Leonard and the fact that his dominance is based on the MJ skillset. He has a great mid range game which is a lost art today and is the hole in most defenses playing zone. He is also a premier man to man defender which, again, due to zone defense is a lost art. Jordan today would lock down perimeter players simply by contesting shots that most defenders today have a hard time doing. He would be a nightmare on the offensive end because he would be able to get a mid range shot off anytime he wanted. His game would have translated well to today's game.

Bless The Last Dance for giving us all something basketball-related to yell about while they figure out where the Magic will go when they get bounced in the first round.

Ooh. Do you think they stay inside the bubble if it's in Orlando? Or do they get kicked off the bubble/island, survivor style?

James Dolan of the Knicks on George Floyd. You know, is it too much of a stretch to openly speculate that, after Charles Oakley, Spike Lee, and now this that James Dolan might be racist?

Apparently the proposal likely to be approved which’ll restart the season has an end date of... October 12!

I don’t know why but I didn’t imagine they would go past August :O

Pablo Torre also reporting that non-athlete employees of MSG are meeting to discuss what to do next.

Blind_Evil wrote:

Apparently the proposal likely to be approved which’ll restart the season has an end date of... October 12!

I don’t know why but I didn’t imagine they would go past August :O

I guess to make sure as full payoffs as they can?

If this edges the schedule away from other sports works for me.

Not sure if I buy the people don't wanna watch sports when it's nice outside logic.

If it's 8/9pm est in July/August and nothing else is on I'll watch the NBA playoffs assuming it's competitive and interesting.

I think people would love to watch the NBA as soon as it is available. If it started next week they would probably have the highest ratings ever. If it is going to October I guess that has a delayed start built in to early/mid-July?

I really liked the World Cup style groups format that was floated. I'm disappointed on what they landed on and the timing. I feel like we could be smack in the middle of a second wave by the time the 2nd round is even over.