Final Update: GWJ Donation Drive 2019


Hello, Friends!

This is an update for the original thread here: GWJ Donation drive 2019.

The Gamers With Jobs Annual Donation Drive month has come to an end! Thank you all so much for your contributions. This weekend Shawn and I sat down to go over the results of the drive. I finally got to see the list of everyone who contributed to the donation drive in a beautiful spreadsheet created by Doogiemac.

It's really something. The level of love in the messages has me floating with joy! You came out strong and we are humbled with gratitude. Thank you so much.

We've begun the $2 and up forum tag upgrades! I'm still getting the hang of whispering 'thank you' each time I click 'save' to update. It’s an honor!

For the $5 and up folks, I've sent an email to your PayPal emails addresses or Patreon messaging for further instructions on what to do about your shoutouts or custom Stans. The turnout for the custom Stans was more than expected! I appreciate your enthusiasm and patience in advance while I work through these little personalized commissions.

The next project on the horizon is International Gamers With Jobs Day 2019 planning! Now that the donation drive is wrapping up, we’ll be turning our attention towards organizing stuff that will be happening on October 19th.

We are so appreciative of your contributions, and honored that you wish to help Gamers With Jobs thrive. Having you with us as we look towards the future is a true gift. Thanks again for your support.



Hello all!
Golden Icons should be done; I'm aware there's always a few that may slip through the cracks. Please let me know if there's an issue. If you are a 17th year donation (oh my gosh <3), we're still finalizing the design and will be rolling that out shortly.

Thanks so much!