Help me build my PC 2020 Catch All

Yes. The equivalent of a 3060ti in a laptop doing 1080p is way overkill.
But as has been said, it is super nice for probably even a 4K external monitor.

Yeah I'd hook that up to my TV and have a blast. Too bad I just spent like $1k on a desktop with nearly the same specs the last couple months.

Virtual desktop might be a great use for that too. I can't wait until the lenovo smart glasses come to market. The one that will let you have 5 separate virtual 1080p screens. Or maybe a like competitor will arrive sooner and cheaper.

fangblackbone wrote:

I can't wait until the lenovo smart glasses come to market. .

I didn't know that existed until 30 seconds ago, and now I need a pair...

kazar wrote:

TCL Glasses

Has anyone tried these? Are they any good?

I read a review of a guy who said he didn't think they would be worth it, then used them to write the article. So, they are probably better then crap but I suspect they are far from an outright TV replacement. Maybe a laptop monitor replacement.

Its also $900 which is very expensive.

The lenovo ones are priced at $400-500 I believe.

There are vuzix full AR glasses that include an android device that are that same price or less.

The TCL ones is $700 (converting from AUD).

3060 arrived! Looking forward to install tonight. Any thoughts on Asus Tweak software?

No interest in overclocking or anything. If I can monitor fans and temp with HWInfo I already have then it's probably pointless right?

Maybe use MSI afterburner instead.

Well my 3060 is running very smooth. Seems overkill for 1080p. Maybe I need a 1440 monitor upgrade hehe.

Temps seem great. Idling under 40C. The fans are setup not to kick on until 50C to keep things quiet apparently.

Last night just played a bit of Rocket league to check, 330 FPS. Ran some AC Odyssey, which turned itself up to ultra everything settings, and still was getting like 67 FPS in the benchmark. Tonight I played a few hours of Marvel's Avengers since it was free on Steam this weekend. It looks spectacular. Didn't lookup how to toggle FPS display but everything was on very high settings and didn't notice any stutter. Temps all stayed in the mid-60C area while playing too.

So far so good.

Any thoughts/concerns about this PC? I'm very tempted to pull the trigger at this price. I was going to build a PC but now I"m leaning to buying a Pre-built do to GPU costs. Reviews indicate that cooling is good in this thing. It does have a MSI proprietary motherboard and doesn't support XMP right now though the ram does run at the 3200mhz. I have been looking at getting a 3070/5600x combo but this combo seems good too at the price is a little less than what I've been finding for other prebuilts.

The 650W power supply may not be enough. But you should be able to find a bigger/better replacement with little trouble.

Wow, even Lenovo's site has them at $2k. I'd probably jump on it.

But, yeah, the psu might be something to be replaced in a couple years.

I went ahead and pulled the trigger. Should be a significant jump from the i7-860 and 1060 I'm currently running.

Yeah, that's a good deal. Power supply is listed on the Lenovo site as "ES Gold: 650W", which I'm guessing is the Aigo ES Gold that's in the "C" tier of the LTT PSU list. Hard to find much in English on the Aigo PSUs (seems a brand more used in Asia and the Middle East). I wondered if the "Gold" in the name was one of those fakey ways of hinting at a certification it doesn't actually have, but the PDF of the parts list claims the PSU has 90% efficiency, which would meet the 80 Plus Gold rating.

So, given those scant details, I'd guess the PSU isn't total trash tier. I'd use it for now and just watch PC part sales for a great deal on an A-tier PSU to come along.

I recently bought a Silverstone 750w Gold power supply for my current PC with the intent on using it whenever I built my next computer so I may just swap that one in. Or, I may just watch for deals and get a nice modular one instead.

Tried a modular power supply for the first time in my recent build. Will never not use not use one again. They grant a huge buff to cable management.

Just in case you got a video card through the newegg shuffle, and it came with a PSU. You might want to watch this video. Or anyone with a Gigabyte PSU (Two specific models only so far).

Thankfully mine came with an EVGA PSU.

I always wondered if there was a tier above platinum for PSUs.

I was monitor shopping on Amazon the other day and was surprised to see a general availability of AMD 5xxx CPUs, MBs, memory and m.2 SSDs. Newegg seem to have them in stock as well. Is this a true reality?

Were the prices 50-100% too high?
If yes, then its true.
If no, then its a fever dream.

None of the AMD CPU's are hard to get anymore really.

I've seen them in stock at Best Buy a bunch of times recently for days at at a time (5900X and 5950X both in stock right now for MSRP) and most Microcenter locations are sitting on a steady stockpile of both the 5900X and 5950X as well.

The 5950X is on Amazon right now for MSRP too.

Videocard market is still a disaster though.

Yeah you can find the Ryzen 5-series chips without too much grief now. Not quite "normal" stock levels, but they're not hard to find.

What does suck, though, is that the 3-series chips like the 3600 and 3600X that used to be available around $200 (and even below that on sale) aren't really in stock anymore, certainly not at those prices they were last fall. And since we don't have any 5-series chips below the 5600X, there's no good Ryzen entry point below $280-300.

I see a lot of 2600's and 1600-1700 ryzen available now instead of the 3000 series chips.

Supposedly places are starting to get stock of the 5000G series apus.

After being on the waiting list for 6 or 7 months on EVGA's site I finally got an email for a 3060. Not my first choice but realistically 90% of my PC gaming is streamed to a 1080p 6.7 inch phone (via Moonlight) mounted on a Dualshock4 controller that I do almost all my PS4 gaming on. So a 3060 is still a decent bump from a 980GTX Ti for a 1080p gamer at least.

However my current build is almost 9 years old with an i7 3770k which actually does pretty well with the 3060. But I'd like to get a smaller case and revisit a hobby from before my first kid was born 8 years ago.

So this is what I've speced out. Let me know what you think. I'm good on SSD drives for now and may get an M.2 later.

LIAN LI O11D MINI-X Black With SP750 (750W )


MSI Z590-A PRO LGA 1200 Intel Z590

Crucial Ballistix 3600 MHz DDR4 DRAM

be quiet! Dark Rock Slim, CPU Cooler, 180W TDP, Silent Wings 3 120mm PWM Fan,

Any enabling or alternatives on a Phantek Eclipse P600S case? I'm looking to update an ancient plain metal case, so old it still has three 5" external bays.It's noisy as hell if it does anything more complicated than basic addition, and I presume this is partly because lousy case airflow makes the [CG]PU fans have to run hard. I don't care about glass or RGB or any of that; it's going to sit on the floor next to a desk. $160 is the top end of my budget though.

I'm also going to have to do something about the power button on the top where the cats like to step


I got you covered there.

This case is fantastic. It's beautiful (particularly in white), well constructed, and spectacularly designed. It's a simple joy to work in and makes it incredibly easily to complete a clean, aesthetically pleasing buildout.

Buy one extra fan so you have the stock three for intake and a good quality one for exhaust (ie, an Noctua or similar), and you'll have about as good of airflow and temperature management as you could hope for. And assuming you buy a quiet exhaust fan and don't have an incredibly loud motherboard, CPU, or GPU fan, the noise levels will be great too, even with the conveniently detachable front panel removed. (And thanks to the excellent design of that front panel, it takes all of two seconds to convert the case between improved airflow and lower noise levels.)

As for the power button on the top, that probably won't be an issue. While it's pretty close to flat with the top of the case, it is slightly recessed, and takes intentional force to depress. I set things on top of it all the time with no issues. Of course, if your cat is bound and determined to press it they probably could, but I doubt it will be an issue.

And by way of TLDR, the shortest endorsement I can give is this: after building my computer last fall, when my nephews asked me to help them build one for themselves, I had zero hesitation ordering a P600S for them as well. The only question was what color they preferred.

(That said, if you want something a bit cheaper, the P500 has the same internals. I'd still recommend the P600S for the improved exterior design features, but you could probably save $30 to $50 that way if you really wanted to.)