NFL 2019: Week 1

How many times are we going to have to put up with these 100 anniversary short films?

That Foles to Chark TD pass was perfect.

garion333 wrote:

That Foles to Chark TD pass was perfect.

Except the part where Foles is headed to the locker room for examination.

I couldn't spell Foles' backup's last name if I tried.


It's the power of the mustache. It demands to be played.


Oh lordy, Legion and Jayhawker can't be friends anymore.

They broke our QB, kill Mahomes

Sammy Watkins with 4 catches, 151 yards and 2 TDS in the first quarter.

No no no no no no no no no

Okay, Mahomes is back with a taped up ankle. This is feeling more like a Raiders/Chiefs game. Myles Jack has been ejected, but there are scuffles every play.

And pretty soon, everyone will be able to spell Minshew. Jeez!

*Legion* wrote:

They broke our QB, kill Mahomes

They infuse Mahomes blood with cockroach blood. He can’t die.

Kirk Cousins dances like Commander Shepard.

Tyreek Hill our for the day with a shoulder injury. Send FEMA to Jax.

The Jags coaching staff has more faith in Gardner Minshew after 5 plays than they did Blake Bortles after 5 years.

At least, I feel pretty vindicated so far for talking up DJ Chark. No young Jags WR should be judged based on what they could do when Bortles was QB. He's got legit starter potential and deep threat WR3 at minimum.

Cleveland boo birds out.

OBJ committed OPI wiping out a 20 yard catch and taking them back out of FG range.

Mayfield got sacked, tried to throw it away, but on replay his knee was clearly down.

OBJ catches a short gain to try to get back into FG range with 6 seconds left, but instead of going down he tries to run all over the field and the clock runs out.

It seems like they're booing the refs. But... why? All the calls were right and OBJ's dumb ass is why they didn't get 3 points before half.

*Legion* wrote:


This made me laugh.

Guess I won't be following Foles much in Jacksonville after all.

Of course, best defensive plays in the Eagles/Redskins game were by the Redskins offense. This is an absolutely disheartening opening half. It looks like Schwartz might be figuring out that you don't want to just wait and find out who is going to catch the ball before running after people, but if there's anything I don't have faith in, it's in Jim Schwartz figuring out the problems with his defensive strategies.

At least I can take solace in knowing the Giants will inevitably be a wreck.

Stele wrote:

It seems like they're booing the refs. But... why? All the calls were right and OBJ's dumb ass is why they didn't get 3 points before half.

Sports fans are incredibly dumb and don't understand what they're watching. When at a game live they're even dumber since they have far less information than at home and get caught up in the moment.

If I'm the top quarterback prospect in the 2020 draft, I'm doing whatever it takes up to including sitting out a year to avoid playing for the Miami Dolphins.

Miami putting the entire NFL on notice: don't even try to out-tank us.

Also... Lamar Jackson is 15/17, 280 yards, 5 passing TDs.

I know the Dolphins are bad, but damn.

Lamar always threw deep well. It helps when the opposing team has no offense, defense, pass rush, coaches, training staff or water boys. It's a true tanking season.

It's a losing game, so not the most aggressive defense, but this is certainly more than I expected from Minshew. He took a lot of lumps in preseason, but that was also with the Jag 2s and 3s against opposing teams 1s and 2s.

The readiness level of the Jag defense does not speak well of the "play your starters basically none during preseason" approach though.

on 8/15 Jayhawker wrote:

Hill is obviously the most threatening WR on the roster (pun, sort of, intended), but, I really think Watkins is going to have a monster season. With a year in the system and a contract year on his mind, he is looking to get paid, and there is not a better situation in which to put up stats for himself. Now, he just needs to stay on the field. He has come into camp in game shape, and could not appear to be more focused on the task at hand. I think he scores double digit TDs this year, if he can stay healthy.

Now, if he can just stay healthy.

Please let this be the end of this "Cleveland to the Super Bowl" nonsense.

Lamar ends the game with perfect passer rating, first time in Ravens history they've had one of those.

And Jacksonville's out of electricity. As in the stadium's blacked out.