My MSI MAG27CQ monitor is showing weird lines on the entire screen

They flicker towards the top.

Please help!


Oof. Tried switching the cable? Hope it's still under warranty.

So two updates. First, the scanlines are very slowly receding. I don't know why. But it's slowly getting better from the top down. Second, I just tried switching from Display Port to HDMI and the problem went away entirely. So I guess that leaves me with a few conclusions.

The panel itself is fine. Either the monitor port is broken somehow, the video card port is broken somehow, or the cable is broken somehow. Switching Freesync on and off did nothing. Turning the GSYNC on and off in the Nvidia options did nothing, yes they work together great when everything is actually working. HDMI only allows up to 120hz, so I suppose it's possible something about the 144hz i use with Display Port is causing it. The problem manifests immediately at startup, during the BIOS screen, so I don't think it's a Windows issue. I ordered a new Display Port cable, we'll see what happens.

Edit: Another update, switching to 120Hz from 144Hz in the Windows Display Options fixed the problem, while still using Display Port. Still doesn't answer the question of what it could be though.

Edit2: The problem has gone away at 144Hz now. Very strange. Here is someone having the exactly same problem on a Samsung C27HG70 screen. Keep in mind that Samsung supplies MSI with their screens for the models in question.

Why would an LED monitor need to "warmup", weird. Anyway, bought a new cable, we'll see if that does anything. But for now, the problem is gone.

Replacing the cable did not fix the situation. I turned off my computer for 24 hours when I turned it on it was still flashing. But it went away after about 20 minutes. At this point I can only assume that this is a problem with the screen or the hardware inside the screen. It works most of the time so I'm hesitant to send it in for repairs or replacement. I'll be without a monitor for days.

Yeah, that looks like what happened to my TV when the panel was on its way out.

It will probably get worse so just make sure you get it fixed before the warranty is done even if you don’t want to do it now. Maybe send it in before you go on vacation or something.

I have a similar monitor to you, which I bought after my Acer Predator monitor did something similar to this. Luckily it was under warranty (just), and in the report it said that the panel needed replacing.