September 2 - 8


IMAGE(   Felix “Family Matters” Threepaper

Welcome folks, and happy “Keanu Reeves’ birthday” week. You may all celebrate by marvelling how strange and difficult it is for someone to be universally loved these days, musing on the unique relationship between celebrities and fans, and concluding, “woah.”

NBA 2K20 bounces in this week. For the first time, all the WNBA teams are included. The impressive thing about modern NBA 2K games is the sheer variety of ways to play. You can do the story mode, where you take a player through a career and meet Idris Elba’s voice along the way. There’s the more usual “pick a team and play a season” mode, where you can choose from current or past teams, or even make your own. Then there’s the MyGM and MyLeague modes, for the budding basketball managers who want to do player drafts, negotiate contracts, and whatnot. All these modes can be tweaked to the nth degree, giving basketball fans of all stripes something to enjoy here. There’s so much that you could totally ignore the controversial in-game purchases and gambling minigames.

The Sims 4: Moschino Stuff Pack brings high fashion to your Sims. On top of adding some branded outfits designed by Jeremy Scott himself, it adds a new “Freelance Fashion Photographer” career for your Sims to pursue. Now, your Sims can live the paparazzi-life, hiding in bushes to snap shots of other Sims. Glorious.

It’s a good week for action-RPGs. Console players can finally see what all the fuss was about Torchlight 2, which debuted way back in 2012. The devs have tailored the game’s controls and interface to suit each console. The Switch version has LAN co-op, so a bunch of peeps in the same room will be able to play together. There’s no word on mods for the consoles, though.

Then there’s Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne. It’s a big expansion for Monster Hunter: World and priced accordingly. As you’d expect, it offers a new, snowy terrain to hunt in. The snow brings its own traversal and survival challenges, but can make tracking easier as you follow footprints in the snow. There’s a new mounting mechanic, allowing you to grapple onto a monster’s back and beat its head in until you get shaken off. And of course, there’s a bunch of new monsters. You may come across monsters emergently fighting each other, too, which I’m not sure was in previous games, but don’t take my word for it – I haven’t played one of these since the PSP.

Sometimes pixel art is simply a product of a game’s lower budget, but sometimes you see a game use it to make strong, gorgeous, artistic choices, not just in the background scenery but also in its animations. That was the first thing that struck me about Children of Morta. It’s an action-RPG with roguelite qualities, where you play as members of a dungeon-crawlin’ family. Each family member has different combat abilities, and they get warped back home if close to death, so it isn’t too grisly. It offers the usual RPG trappings of loot, levels, and lobbing points into skill trees. The release has been pushed back a few times so the devs could polish the narrative. All up, it looks like an enticing mid-tier game. GOTW.

Here's the list, now in release-date order!


  • 09-02

  • Devader
  • TRANSIT: Post-apocalyptic indie game
  • Life ed
  • Fables of Talumos
  • Mostly Intense Monster Defense
  • Solitaire Jack Frost Winter Adventures
  • Standball
  • UltraGoodness 2
  • Release Date: Sep 2
  • Fiery catacombs
  • Dark Running
  • Gem Collector
  • Jigsaw Puzzle - Pro Edition
  • Slaveblade
  • Vengeance ~ In my family's name
  • Only One Burn
  • Adventure Slime
  • Alien Jelly: Food For Thought!
  • Sacred Siren
  • Pixel Monsters Survival
  • Pension Day
  • Quantum Multiverse
  • 09-03

  • Children of Morta
  • Phoenix Point
  • Last Oasis
  • Final Fantasy VIII Remastered
  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy
  • GameDevVR
  • Root Letter: Last Answer
  • Laservasion
  • Lady and Blade
  • VQD
  • RealFlight 9
  • Super Sketch Bob
  • Aleesha's Tower
  • Mosh Pit
  • Drift Of The Hill
  • Vectrix
  • Mamori Legend
  • DriftWay
  • Super Mech War OL
  • Funny Road Chase Simulator
  • 09-04

  • DunkRatz
  • Dark Data
  • DragonClash
  • Nubla
  • Shepherd of Light
  • Deep Race: Battle
  • Infinite Skyline: Superflight
  • Ancient Battle: Successors
  • Departure Dash
  • Arrow Tourney
  • Squirrel Jump
  • Sensible Bood Rugby Sevens
  • Follow the White Rabbit VR
  • From The Earth
  • 09-05

  • Rubber Toys
  • SinSlayers
  • Widower's Sky
  • Space Cows
  • macdows 95
  • WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship
  • Starpoint Gemini 3
  • Astaria
  • Fantasy General II
  • Born of Fire
  • Frontline Zed
  • River City Girls
  • The Dreadful Whispers
  • ROD
  • Fit For a King
  • Mortadelo y Filemon: Operacion Moscu
  • Pixel Sentry
  • Dominos!
  • Ortharion project
  • Blade Warrior
  • Rugby Champions
  • Kabitis 2
  • Yu Jian
  • A Street Cat's Tale : support edition
  • Square Weapons Dungeon
  • Summer Knights
  • Alien Monopoly
  • War Battle Royale Battlegrounds
  • 09-06

  • Rec Center Tycoon
  • Differently Fast
  • Rock Road Battlefield
  • CornWars - The Farming-Shooter-Game
  • Creature in the Well
  • TNT!
  • The Lost
  • NBA 2K20
  • Dress-up Traveller
  • Fantasy Little Jobs
  • Everybody Loves Skeletons
  • Horizon Beyond
  • B.i.t.Lock
  • OMON Simulator
  • Crowd Control
  • Paladin Slayer
  • Come on Baby!
  • Altorius
  • Planet Automata
  • Pew-Pew Rocket
  • Mental House
  • Project SolarBot
  • The Tomb of Argazfell
  • SnL
  • Where Are We Now
  • Pizza Game
  • Hoodo
  • NO-GO
  • Ecchi MEETING!
  • Angry Troll
  • RRRR3
  • MMX
  • 09-08

  • Desert monsters
  • Drift 1969


  • 09-03

  • Children of Morta
  • Catherine: Full Body
  • Torchlight II
  • Root Letter: Last Answer
  • Final Fantasy VIII Remastered
  • WRC 8
  • Blindfold
  • The Sims 4: Moschino Stuff Pack
  • 09-05

  • River City Girls
  • 09-06

  • Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne
  • Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne Master Edition
  • NBA 2K20

Xbox One

  • 09-03

  • Children of Morta
  • Torchlight II
  • Phoenix Point
  • Final Fantasy VIII Remastered
  • WRC 8
  • The Sims 4: Moschino Stuff Pack
  • 09-04

  • Monochrome Order
  • Post War Dreams
  • 09-05

  • River City Girls
  • 09-06

  • Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne
  • Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne Master Edition
  • Creature in the Well
  • NBA 2K20
  • Restless Hero


  • 09-03

  • Torchlight II
  • Root Letter: Last Answer
  • Final Fantasy VIII Remastered
  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy
  • Fin and the Ancient Mystery
  • 09-05

  • Space Cows
  • Hyperforma
  • River City Girls
  • Asdivine Menace
  • Headliner: NoviNews
  • Gnomes Garden: Lost King
  • Wuppo: Definitive Edition
  • If My Heart Had Wings
  • Pocket Clothier
  • 09-06

  • Gun Gun Pixies
  • Creature in the Well
  • NBA 2K20
  • Super Jumpy Ball


Already got the pre-order on Final Fantasy VIII Remastered.

Children of Morta looks quite impressive.

Monster Hunter Woooooooorld!

I'm very interested to play Children of Morta after trying the demo several weeks ago, but I may just end up waiting for the Switch version in October. I'm likely only going to be playing Iceborne for the next several weeks.

Welp, it looks like the console versions of Children of Morta aren't coming out until 15 October -- it's releasing on PC only this week.

Ah well, at least it gives me time to finish Control.