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I learned that the developer, Spiders, hired a linguist, Antoine Henry, to create a language for the island natives. The island natives themselves as influenced by, or based on, Gaul and Celtic culture, and their language, Yecht Fradi, a combination of Flemish, Breton, Gaelic and Irish. I think it is a wonderful creation and an authentic depiction of language. I dig it. Respect to the linguist.

I've been impressed with the diversity, and the care, across GreedFall. Gender. Race. Power. They're handled well. Interracial relationships. Interracial siblings. Women in power. People of colour in power. Respect to compliment those positions. Tribes. Nations. Cultures. Each interspersed with varying races. Rather than some nonsense about segregation, historical accuracy, or geographical gene pools.

I've also been having a really, really good time. Whether it's seeking counsel with Sir de Courcillion, and/or Lady Morange, concerning diplomatic relations and possible solutions. Whether it's out in the wilds settling camp sites as we navigate the island. I have really gotten into this role. The writing has continued strongly. Characters have progressed well. The lore has maintained intrigue. Great stuff.

I have gelled well with the nuts and bolts too. The stealth works. The movement is good. Inputs are responsive. I bounce between tactical pause and real-time action. The crafting is a fine addition (which can also be ignored). I get along well with the dodge and the parry mechanics. It's all been a pleasant surprise.

Honestly, with a gameplay focus, I think I prefer this to The Witcher 3! It's less cumbersome. There's less jank.

mrlogical wrote:

Agreed, Maclintok, the depiction of the native people definitely makes me a little squeamish, looking around like "uh, is this okay?" as I meet another person with brown face paint with a kind goofy face speaking in broken English with an almost infantile quality to it. That merchant you meet early on was definitely a big uh-oh moment for me. As I've met more people on the island there are some less problematic-feeling characters, which honestly I don't know if that makes the bad examples better or worse. Like if they could make some of these people seem like full human beings that are just from a different culture, what does it mean that others feel like cringe-inducing caricatures of indigenous people that could've been in like a 1930s Loony Tunes cartoon or something? It's not so bad that I can't enjoy the game, but it definitely produces a periodic "yikes" out of me.

On the houses and cities and such, my instinct is to say yeah, I understand why they don't have the time or resources to design bespoke 4 bedroom 3 bath homes for these people, but, can't they just have a locked doorway to the rest of the house, have you meet the residents in a sitting room as they pointedly enter from a door that you can't follow them back through? As someone who is not a developer, it feels like it should be a relatively easy solution even with budget limitations, but I imagine there's a reason it's more complicated than I would guess. Either way, a bit clunky.

Right? I was so surprised to see the blackface guy I broke my silent playthrough to comment.

That merchant belongs to the Sisaig Cnameis clan, the "bone-blowers" of the village of Vignamri. The clan is led by, Ullan, who wears the same emblematic face paint. That's the height of what it means.

Ullan is black. The merchant is white. Showcasing the diversity for race amongst this clan. As well as showcasing a black individual in a position of power.

This is not a case of a white individual wearing black on their face to masquerade as a person of colour, in mockery no less. In blackface. No. It is merely a case of this merchant wearing the emblematic face paint of their clan, as their leader, Ullan, does.

Perhaps they should have tailored the race of the merchant. Maybe tailored the colour or the design of the emblematic face paint. I don't believe they need to as there is a transparency to the situation that dissolves any initial alarm bells. Not everyone may agree, of course.

It's a perceived wrongdoing, a concern on the behalf of. I'm glad to see it brought up on the one hand, to be sure, but on the other it's quite easily dismissed. It is but an identifier. An emblem. Anything else is attributed by us.

Downloading this from Gamepass to play when I finish AC:Valhalla. What skills/class would people recommend?

NathanialG wrote:

Downloading this from Gamepass to play when I finish AC:Valhalla. What skills/class would people recommend?

I went with whatever the magic wielding class was and ended up wrecking shop and breaking the game fairly early on.

So a week or so ago I decided to give Greedfall a try. I played enough to leave the opening town and sail to the island. I was impressed with the writing. Even the beginning side quests that seemed straightforward had some interesting twist. The combat was a little clunky but not terrible.

Then last week Greedfall implemented its next gen update. It’s broke the game. None of the menus show up. The main screen menu, the character menus. None of it worked.

They patched it and it’s working again, so I played a few more hours. I’m really digging it. It feels budget and janky in a lot of ways, but the writing seems really good. And usually I’m not really interested in stories in games. It reminds me of playing Alpha Protocol in the sense that there is a ton to criticize and a lot placed it shows a lack of resources, but it shines through the jank.