GWJ Conference Call Episode 671

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, Eliza, Dicey Dungeons, Yoku’s Island Express, Ark Survival Evolved, GWJ Donation Drive 2019 update, Re-Visiting GWJ Year one, your emails and more!

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This week Shawn, Elysium, Julian, Cory and Amanda pour through old news stories from the first year (2003) of Gamers With Jobs!

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about or whatever else is on your mind.

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00:02:32 GWJ Donation Drive
00:09:55 Yoku’s Island Express
00:14:47 Rebel Galaxy Outlaw
00:20:16 Dicey Dungeons
00:26:19 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
00:31:04 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3
00:32:21 Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel
00:40:40 Ark Survival Evolved
00:44:20 Eliza
00:49:12 Revisiting GWJ Year one
01:13:51 Your Emails

Thought experiment. This episode, somehow travels through time, and ends up being uploaded instead of the very first Gamers with job podcast. Your past selves, recognizing their future selves voices, decide to leave it up but have no idea how it got there.

What does everyone make of it?

Big Sass has great vocal range.

Julian said that Rebel Galaxy Outlaw was available on some sort of subscription service. Anybody know anything about that?

Beckett wrote:

Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel

Well done Beckett! I joked to myself that you would take note. You didn’t disappoint.

I think you deserve an honorary gold icon.

Sarcophagus wrote:

Julian said that Rebel Galaxy Outlaw was available on some sort of subscription service. Anybody know anything about that?

Well its an Epic Game exclusive at the moment, if that's what you mean.

Fantastic episode.

One thing I remember from the very early days of DLC (around the time of the second Splinter Cell game) was not that DLC was coming out too quickly but that it was taking forever to come out. There was a lot of outrage and developers responded by saying, "You've got to understand. We are hard at work on the actual game until it ships. Only after it's been finalised can we start working on additional content."

Some time later DLC started arriving shortly after the main games release and, as might have been predicted, there was outrage. The developers countered with, "Well, basically you folks don't really understand how games are made. Not everyone is working on the game right upto the point it finally ships, a good proportion of people finish their work months beforehand and can move over to create DLC."

I remember thinking, well, that's kinda the reverse of earlier comments made on this subject.

Edit: my memory of this has become clearer so I've re edited it to reflect that.

Evil Avatar! Man, I haven't though about that site for a while. I remember reading one of the last Tao of Certis (Tao of the Certis? Something like that.) posts announcing GWJ. I was a new Dad at the time, just starting out in my career the appeal was obvious.

I know I'm responding to a week-old Conference Call and so no one will ever read this, but I just finished it today, OK? And I wanted to talk about the question about what games you will be playing when you are 60.

Well, I am 60 (tyvm) so I feel I am qualified to actually answer this question. I may not be the oldest Goodjer, but I feel I'm pretty close.

First, I absolutely do not keep playing games from my youth. Because they didn't *exist*. I played Computer Space in an arcade (look it up). I played Pong when it was the only video game. I and a friend played Pac-Man when it first appeared in our arcade (and we were both convinced that it was too weird to survive; yeah, we had our fingers on the pulse of gamers).

I played the original "Adventure" back before it was "Colossal Cave". My first computer was an Atari 800. Which I used to play Star Raiders.

The last few games I played? Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, Elite Dangerous, Crusader Kings II, Destiny 2. Yeah, my twitch reflexes are gone by now and I'll never be even slightly competitive in PvP, but... I'm good.

I do keep up with whatever is going on, as best as I can. Hells, I'm looking forward to retirement when I'll have more time to play. And I hope to keep finding and playing new games as long as I'm breathing.

Too many people think that getting old means getting stuck in the past. And, I'll be fair, a lot of my generation has gotten that way. But I have always tried to keep learning new things. I always want to know what is next. And I'll be there as long as I can.

When I wind up in the home they better let me take my fully-immersive VR suit and headset with me, because I'm not about to miss the Mass Effect reboot. And I'll snobbily tell everyone else that "ME2 was when the series peaked; I was there".

Game on, everyone!

Yeah, but when you are in the home, everyone else was there too.

It’s going to be very interesting in the 2040’s when retirement homes all have state of the art VR systems.

Yoku's Island Express is free on Twitch Prime this month. Go grab it!

“Sean Elysium Sands” wrote:

I bought a steering wheel.

And I’m like, “what, you waited this long??”

Summer was crazy, I’m catching up and I’d missed having the GWJCC in my ears.

tanstaafl wrote:

And I'll snobbily tell everyone else that "ME2 was when the series peaked; I was there".

It was actually ME3. Glad you’re a goodjer too, varying perspectives is always a plus.