PRO YAKYUU SPIRITS 19 Pro Yakyuu Spirits Baseball 19

There's a review of a Japanese baseball game that has just been released at, Operation Sports. Looks really fantastic, but evidently you have to hassle thru some Playstation Network of Japan to get it (that and it looks to be around $80), (and it's all in Japanese). Anyone know about this and some simpler, cheaper way to get ahold of it?


Physical import version will also be expensive, but you won't have to deal with the language barrier when buying it on PSN. The game will still have the language barrier...unfortunately.

Edit: You could also try tracking down a Power Pros game. They actually localized two of them for PS2 and Wii. They're fantastic to play, though with the obvious issue that they're a decade old now.

You may also get a physical version for cheaper than Spirits.

I play 'Super Mega Baseball 2' all the time (it's great!), and, 'The Show' on my PS4. But I'm always interested in new baseball games (and especially when some of the comments from the article with people who have played it say it's better then, 'The Show'.