Wasteland 3 Range-All

Welcome back rangers!

So backers are starting to receive their alpha keys with the alpha actually starting on August 21. Seeing as I can't make up my mind if I want to try it out I was wondering what your thoughts are. Are you excited about the game? How do you think it'll stack up against Wasteland 2? Will inXile being bought by Microsoft have considerable impact on the quality/polish of the game?

Or, seeing as there is only one thread about WL3 on GWJ with the last post being from 2016, is it not exactly of interest over here?

As for me, I thoroughly enjoyed my two playthroughs of Wasteland 2, instantly backed Wasteland 3, completely and utterly forgot about it, was reminded of it, got mildly excited, forgot about it again till the Microsoft buy-out, forgot again and now the alpha is inbound.

I hope it'll turn out just right, but with their recent stumble with Bard's Tale I'm a bit cautiously optimistic. Then again Microsoft must have seen something in Brian Fargo and his weird antics.

So, thoughts?

The new stuff in W3 looks great, but W2 took a looooong time post release before it was what I'd, personally, consider serviceable. Game should have had WAY more interesting and novel uses for spot/disarm/lockpick/whatevs -- I remember it being downright tedious in that regard to have all that just to get at crap loot most the time. Like, everyone learns quick to grab all the skills to stay in bullets and whatnot. Seemed like mandatory grind work that everyone was going to, realistically, apply to the problem the same way.

edit/add: some of the Easter egg-ish stuff in the ranger citadel museum was a good laugh though.

I do agree that the Definitive Edition made the game a whole lot more coherent. Mechanically and gameplay wise calling it 'serviceable' is a fair term. To me, the core of the game experience is more the story, atmosphere and characters and in that regard - to me at least - the game excelled. Everything else has a certain amount of jank to it and a bit of unbalance in regards to skills and the like. It appears that all the bigger Kickstarter CRPGs took a while post launch to come into their own with Definitive Editions and big patches and whatnot. Pillars, Numenera, Wasteland, even Divinity: Original Sin 2 - though excellent - was kind unfinished in the last act. It will be interesting to see the sequel in a post D:OS 2 world.

I'd agree on those points. The quality jump from I - II, broadly across those titles, is the reason I have W3 backed/ 'pre ordered' via that Fig nonsense that Fargo has a hand in. Hear that Fargo?! I'm cutting you some slack under the general umbrella of good will that Larian/Obsidian is holding!

*shakes fist at the release state of the latest Bard's Tale *

Seriously though.. new Bard's Tale [state of release/haven't bothered since] gets pure :-/ face. In bold. And large red font. Maybe neon and flashing even.