Game To Life non-transferable skills continued

Can we *please* contribute to this week's episode's (670) examples of skills in games that you totally irrationally think somehow are transferable to real life? 'Cause that bit cracked me way up!

I'll go first and say that when I've been playing a lot of Metal Gear Solid 5 or Splinter Cell or any other stealth game, I usually end up feeling pretty confident, that I could probably sneak up on a dozen real guards at some event or other and take them out without being noticed once. Real life: Would be spotted before getting near the first one and asked what the hell I think I'm doing here...

Back in the day, I used to scare my wife if I drove anywhere after playing Gran Tourismo. Driving skills with controller /= driving skills with a steering wheel.

Dirt Rally with a FFB wheel has genuinely improved my snow driving skills.