GWJ Conference Call Episode 669

Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Wolfenstein: Young Blood, Streets of Rogue, Warframe, Oxygen Not Included, GWJ Donation Drive 2019 Launch, A Report From Gencon and More!

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This week Shawn, Elysium and Amanda launch the 2019 GWJ Donation Drive! We also have a report from Gencon with McChuck, Erik 'wordsmythe' Hanson and Liz and Aaron from the Co-Operatives podcast!

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about or whatever else is on your mind.

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*Emerges from Lurker shadows*

Wishing you all the best, Shawn. You've been a joy to listen to on the podcast all these years. Here's hoping, in time, Ubisoft release Assassin's Creed: Big Bad Buddha so you can tell us they get the monasteries right #PressYtoMeditate

Congratulations, Amanda! Can't wait to see what's next for GWJ.

*Scuttles back into Lurker shadows*

Felt obligated to pile on for this week...

Shawn, congratulations on your upcoming journeys. Regardless of whether or not you decide to come back and take the reins again, I hope you at least guest appear at least once to talk about Nepal like you did last year; it was really moving. And the monastery sounds incredible, I REALLY hope we get to hear more about that. (Maybe you can host a new "Gamers with Spirituality" spin-off show? As a self-avowed terrible Buddhist, I've been really intrigued by your journey since I started hearing about it last year.

Shawn & Karla, good luck to you both in your new journeys forward. I was listening to a podcast recently that had on Andy Richter, who snuck into the conversation that he's also going through a divorce. He framed it in a way that I hadn't heard before: quoting someone else (not sure who), they both think of it more like "a successful marriage". Yes, it's the end of the thing, but it's a positive conclusion of that thing; they were nothing but successful in their endeavor. Not sure if that helps at all, but I thought I'd share.

Amanda, couldn't be more excited to have you at the helm of this crazy ship. Your facilitation and unique voice from The Regular Bunch is awesome, and we're all excited for you – and for us, as beneficiaries! Psyched to see what comes next.

Game King Gamgee, keep up your awesome support and plan to tank when called upon. Sending some legendary armor your way.

Onward & upward, GWJ!

Well, color me depressed at this emotional episode. Shawn, I do indeed hope it's a sabbatical and that you'll return, no matter where you happen to roam or what adventure you happen to undertake. I've been listening since 2007 and your voice and spirit have from the beginning set the tone of the show. It won't be the same without you.

The hero we need and I'd like to think the one we deserve. So excited for you Amoebic!

Wait what?

**runs off to listen to episode.**

Certis wrote:

Thanks for the kind words everyone. Deeply felt and appreciated! So cool hearing from lurkers too :drink:

Hearing your voice saying ”This is the GWJ conference call for....” always gets me excited and gives me a warm feeling of listening to someone, it feels like talking to your best friend about shared interest. I wish You all the best in your future endeavors Shawn!

Amanda: the Very person that embodies community in soul. You will do great and I think you are a great pick for the job! As Shawn said in the podcast I will look forward to see your touch on the community going forward :).

The Conference Call got me through 8 years of office drudgery.
This community is just the best.

In the hands of Shawn (salute) or Amanda (salute), it is always going to be the best.

Thank you!

Oh boy, I'm not usually one to get too emotional but as someone who is not a friend of change this got me a bit teared up - surprisingly in a good way.

Shawn, you have done a phenomenal job for the community and the specialness of this place which is hard to put into words. I am very excited for you and what you will learn about life, the universe and everything. So long and thanks for all the work.

Amanda, you have really come into your own over the last year and I have come to enjoy your thoughtful way of hosting immensely.

I tend to post only sporadically but listen religiously and I have a feeling Amanda and their touch is not gonna change that. To the contrary.

And since I myself start a new job next month after ten years in the old one I can very much relate to the excitement of change. Again - usually not a fan. Enough rambling! To new beginnings all around!

Unlurking for a moment.... I'm not on the forums much, but I always listen to the podcasts and really enjoy them each week. You all have come to be part of my life for quite a few years now. Thanks for everything you all do for this community! Anyway, while not the news I wanted to hear, I wanted to say thanks to Shawn, and good luck on your new adventures. You will be missed. Change is sometimes hard, but can bring with it good things as well. Here's to positivity! Amanda, thanks for stepping up, and let's keep this a great corner of the interwebs.

Gamers with Jobs is one of the first podcasts I ever subscribed to, and I haven’t missed a show in over a decade.

I almost never post, but I felt the need to write something after this episode. It got a little dusty in my garage as I was listening. I am excited to see what Amanda brings to the podcast/site, but I was also extremely saddened by Shawn’s revelation. Please come back after your sabbatical and let us know what you have learned in your time away from gaming.

Happy and sad.

Congrats, Certis, on being picked again for that amazing trip! Best of luck in the future!

Amoebic, yay! What else is there to say? Good luck, we love you!

Do you expect to take the "host" spot in the future, or are you accepting applications?

I started listening to the podcast only a handful of months ago and have enjoyed every episode. I am sure some of the original listeners have gone through some changes on the podcast, but this is a first for me. I am excited for these changes and I know Amanda will be a great leader for the podcast, but I will miss hearing Shawn every week. I wish both of you luck in this exciting time and I am looking forward to what's next!

New face here as well! Even though I've only been on this wagon for a few months I can already tell that you'll be missed, Shawn. Best of luck to you, and to Amanda in their new role!

Shawn, I wish you fair winds and following seas on your travels. Being a part of this gaming community for over darn close to 17 years or so has kept me in this hobby and helped me build a career within interactive entertainment. I am so thankful for what you and Elysium have built, grown and sustained. You've come a long way from our Joint Operations days and it has been a pleasure to watch the maturation process from a distance.

Amanda, it has been great watching you come into your own within this community. I love playing Rocket League with you and our on-and-off again shooter rounds (not many lately). I wish you all the best in your new role.

Thanks Edgar! I still have pretty visceral memories of hunkering down behind some gas pipes in Joint Ops and shooting the sh*t with you. Joint Ops was a good game, way ahead of its time.

Oh man I have been so unplugged lately and just catching up. Shawn, sending you good thoughts. I know you will do amazing things and will be missed. I hope one day to buy you a beer at a meetup and hear about your amazing travels and the amazing people you will meet.

Shawn, hope the move and sabbatical works out for the best. Can't say I'm surprised to see things go this way, though I am surprised to hear about your marriage ending. Sounds about as positive as can be though.

I really wish you would be honest though. This is all happening because you're rich as hell now.

I'm sorry to hear about you and Karla splitting up, I hope things turn out better for both of you. Shawn, I look forward to hearing from you on the podcast again after your journeys.

A bit late to the transition party, due to vacation podcast backlog.

Shawn: all the best on your future journey, may it be as rewarding as the inner peace and growth you're looking for at the end of it.

Amoebic: I can't describe, knowing a teenie bit about your professional journeys up to this point, how happy it makes me that you'll soon be a Gamer with a Job with a Gamerswithjobs job! It feels like some intergalactic puzzle pieces clicked into place I'm really looking forward to seeing what changes you'll bring, after which you'll of course downplay the amazing influence you have had on those changes

Amanda rules. That is all.

ShareefJackson wrote:

Amanda rules. That is all.

"Amanda Rules" is the new name for the Code of Conduct.