Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

Here's my praying mantis:



A quick one this week for "bubbles." Just getting it done...


Finished early this week—"Bubbles":


I did a couple of prompts. 'Tower' was supposed to be a more extreme perspective but I just ended up with blocks of varying sizes and perspective that's all over the place. On 'wave' I used all the brushes, well quite a few, but I'm finding some favourites. Nice to just play and experiment.



Very cool ideas, Ravanon and Higgledy!

This is my 'Elephant.'



Here's my "Robot." If I have some extra time, I might draw some Transformers as well. We'll see...


There’s a story there.

Executive decision. Skipping Elephant. I hate drawing animals. Might come back to it later if I get through the other prompts.

In any event... 13...Joy


aaand no 14 - "green"


You are churning these out! Good job!

I warned you there might be some Transformers coming because of the "robot" prompt, so here's Swerve, one of my favorite characters from the amazing series "More Than Meets the Eye." I usually draw Transformers with pens to be more precise and have more control over the lines, but today I felt like playing with the brushes, and this is what the exercise ended up looking like.


Here's another one! Today's Transformer is Tailgate, another favorite from "More Than Meets the Eye!"


I had another portrait for 'red' almost finished but i wasn't happy with it, so scrapped it and gone back to the drawing board (literally!) oh well!

Week 14 catchup - "Red"
Much happier with this version.


Very nice, pyxistyx!

Here's yet another Transformer "inspired" by the "robot" prompt. I promise I'll stop in a couple of days!


Lots of nice images since I last checked in!

But for now, only slightly late, my 'Robot':



I'm working on "blue" but it's going to take a while I think!

Here's my "stranded" for this week:


My "Blue" has been delayed a bit because i got some really cool character art work to do for a DMs Guild thing (for a share of revenue when finished and online). More on that when i can actually talk about it

I like the turtle, Mario.

Here's my 'stranded':


Not too happy with the exhaust from the rocket, but out of time for this week!

Thank you, Ravanon. And very cool idea!

In case you haven't seen it, this week's prompt is "shell," so let's see what we come up with!

Well, I'm done early this week. Here's my "shell:"


Some weeks are for creativity, some weeks are for finding a nice reference photo and drawing what I see. This week is the latter.

Here's my 'shell':


Looks great!

Mario, if you had a t-shirt of the month club and had those images on them, I would definitely be in. Just sayin'

Haha. Thank you, DeThroned!

Also, in case you haven't seen it, this week's prompt is "puppet." I totally forgot to check yesterday, and this morning I woke up in a panic (might be exaggerating a little here) thinking "What is the prompt? What is the prompt?" Hopefully, I'll find time to come up with something and draw it in the next day or two. My wife and I sold our house last Friday, and the date for closing on the new one keeps moving, so we are in-between houses with most everything in storage and our cars full of stuff, and finding time to sit down to think and draw has proved to be a bit of a challenge. At least I made sure to keep my sketchbook and pens with me instead of stuffing them in a box!

I managed to draw my "puppet" in three or four short breaks from moving boxes and furniture into the new house, a process far from over!


I'm late, I'm very very late...