Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

Wrong thread. Carry on ....

I'm like six months from participating in this without embarrassing myself completely. SOON.

NAH. just jump in. practice is practice.

(Say's the person who's still stuck on "dinner")

Agreed. Nobody's going to criticise you just because you haven't yet reached some arbitrary (and subjective) skill level. And we could use more participants!

Anyway, here's my entry for 'Blue':


A bit rushed this week, but practice is practice, as pyxistyx said.

This has to be one of my favorites so far, Ravanon. Love the colors! Plus, I'm partial to frogs.

Here's my "yellow." The color thing was fun, but I'm also kind of glad it is over.




Very cool! I love all the folds in the scarf!

That's awesome. Love it.


I need to finish "Dinner", its half finished but i got distracted by work stuff & D&D stuff.


Dinner was tough. I couldn't think of anything interesting to do for ages and i kinda just wanted it out of the way. Which it now is! yay!


Week 8! Spider.

I'll catch up in no time!


OK this one was pretty dumb but i didn't feel like doing another water based image


I've drawn an elf in like 90% of these so far and now i've hit the prompt "elf" and am struggling for ideas


Found a better option!


That's four down in a couple of days - i'll be caught up in no time

Also i regret to inform you all that it is also now 'Mermay' - just to add to the list of challenge drawings nobody has time for

"Mermay" sounds like fun!

ooo...got a good idea for Tower, too. That's tomorrows project

I'm glad to see you're catching up quickly, pyxistyx!

This week's prompt is "train," and since I couldn't settle on one of the definitions, I went with three:


oh hey, someone liked my "elf love" image above and paid for it to be in their next Dms Guild supplement about romancable NPCs for D&D Cool.

Also, week 11 : Tower...


That is really cool --both the drawing and the news about the "elf love" picture! Way to go!

Uh-oh. Elephant is next. Been dreading that one

Catching up though - only 7 weeks behind! If i can get one of those done a day this week that'll be me bang up to date pretty soon.

Lots of nice stuff from pyxistyx!

And now a sketchy one from me for "train":


Elephant is giving me trouble (mainly because i don't like drawing regular animals, let alone Elephants!) so i'm distracting myself by doing some portrait practice of late. Here's the most recent one which doesn't really tie into anything but whetevs


From a photo by Tanglebones of Petite Renard (@petiterenard)

Oh I do like that.

i still have problems getting skin to not look flat and dull, but my hair is coming on nicely i think

Distracting myself from prompts I don't want to do with more portraits


Here's my drawing for this week's prompt, "Praying Mantis:"


I've had a go at Spider. My line thicknesses are all over the shop. Thanks for doing these prompts. It may actually get me into drawing on my iPad. I am a natural doodler.