Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

Looks great, Higgledy! I enjoyed discovering more parts of the drawing as I scrolled down. The colors on the bottom fish look awesome!

Thanks both! I thought it would be tricky to get that ‘glowing internally’ look but I seemed to hit upon the way to do it fairly quickly.

Mind sharing the process?
I would enjoy something like a 3 step depiction:
before, first pass, final result...?
Not necessary but would be really cool

It’s tricky to think back and break it down to stages. I’ll try and do that with the next one. The main thing with the Dredge one is that everything, even light effects, is on it’s own layer which keeps things very flexible and adjustable.

IMAGE( https://i.imgur.com/k8JWfqp.jpeg)

It looks like they are normal layers where you just adjust opacity? Do/did you dabble in other layer effects?

I don’t tend to alter opacity except for reference pics where I want to see my line work more clearly. I do use curves, saturation, colour balance, etc to strengthen elements or tone them down. Come to think of it, I will play with the opacity of brushes if I want elements to be semi transparent.

Nice underwater nightmare fodder Higgledy, thanks

; )

In before the end of the week with a little effort, this one took me a while, about 2 or 3 hours as I had the brilliant idea of picking this peculiar reference picture with this patterned shadow over the model, as a result I couldn't soften the shadow to my liking, and the hair is a total disaster....But...I'm happy with it still, the likeness is good enough, major mishap is in the eyes that appear a bit stilted (or maybe it's the mouth)
Model is devilish beautiful Sarah Stephens, from her IG account
Edit: substituted with a better pic

That volume of hair is very difficult to deal with. The hands are great.

Edit: I quickly did this yesterday in solidarity with the AC Shadows characters who I think look very cool. I love the fact that they are so different from each other in terms of size and gameplay.


Good job, Feeank and Higgledy!

I've been grading AP exams all week, so I haven't had time to draw anything, but I'm hoping to get something done on Monday and Tuesday. Let's see what happens!

What topic do you grade? My wife has done Human geography for about 6 years now?

I'm grading Spanish Language and Culture. I've taught the AP class for many years, but it's my first time as an AP reader. And let me tell you --it's a lot of essays I'm having to read!

Thanks Higg and Mario, yeah, hair also is very fluffy and messy in the reference, I tried reflecting some of that quality but was more frustrated with my 4b pencils not being dark enough. Got myself a 6b today as well as two new notebooks, regular and sketch size, I'll be putting them to good use soon.

I was tired of grading, so I drew my self-portrait. I wanted to do something different, with parts in color and others in black and white, but I ended up just doing what you see below :


Excellent. Love it. Works so well.

Thanks! I think the face turned out too long and narrow. I must have subconsciously been channeling El Greco. My wife says she likes it, though.

Kylo"more" .gif

My late dad as a teen on his Elvis / greaser phase, drawn from a really washed down pic

Happy Father's day my friends!


Very nice happy father’s day!

I really like it, Feeank!

And yes-- happy Father's Day to every dad here!

I might try my hand at the self-portrait again (we'll see), but for now here you have my Dredge-inspired drawing:


Fantastic. I like the eye surrounded by eyes!

The action of the drawing really stands out.

Thank you both! I had a great time drawing it!

I really enjoy the cleanyness in your lines Mario, nice piece

I was frantic during the weekend, here's Ella Purnell from the Fallout tv show (you may have heard about Fallout, it's a post apocalyptic video game) *winkwink*

Even thou the likeness isn't all there and there are dark spots on her hair that make no sense , I can see a lot of improvement already from two weeks ago, I also managed to keep engaged through the rendering of her hair which took a long time (It took me 2 sessions about 5-6 hours in total from late saturday / late sunday) I'm not back in top form yet but I can pat myself in the back for the leap in quality so far.

PS: the reference has those crazy eyelashes, they look funny just as weird on the original.


Very nice and fantastic hair. You can’t beat orderly hair with a bit of a shine.

Thank you, Feeank. Ella's hair looks great!

Agreed, it has a 70's sci-fi Barbarella look to the hair that's really impressive.

I thought Mother Koril from The Acolyte looked cool, so I drew her:



Thank you, Higgledy!

I watched the third Brendan Fraser Mummy movie today, and right at the beginning I had a Schrödinger moment when I both remembered and didn't remember Rachel Weisz was not in the film. As it turned out, she was not in it. Instead, her character was played by Maria Bello. Well, I have to say Weisz might have made the right call not wanting to be part of the movie...


Colors coming "soon"!

Weisz makes everything better