Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

Looks awesome, Ravanon! Maybe I'll draw a mermaid too!

In the meantime, here's yet another monster I did today:


I did a drawing with Mutant Year Zero characters based on a famous still from ‘The Searchers.’


I was thinking of putting a title below it ‘The Scavengers.’

OOOOOOOH! NICE! I should do a drawing of the characters as well. And a mermaid!

Instead, today I drew another monster:


Now that the school year is winding down, I find I have more free time to sketch in class, so I've been bringing a tiny sketchpad with me, which is how I've been able to draw so much lately. Unfortunately, the pages are very small, so I can only realistically do portraits or mug shots, which explains the lack of variety in poses of late. I am also bringing a different assortment of markers each day, and today I had some browns and blues with me, which explains this:


As for the creature itself, I find lack of symmetry disturbing, so I thought I'd go for an asymmetrical face to see what happened. Incidentally, that is something that's always bothered me about the way the Yuuzhan Vong were rendered by different artists. In the Star Wars novels they first appeared in, the Vong were described as hating symmetry and disfiguring themselves to be asymmetrical, yet pretty much every drawing and painting of them I've ever encountered never took that into account and simply depicted alien creatures. Granted, I think the idea probably works better in prose than in a visual medium, but it still bugged me. But I'm rambling. Have a great rest of the day, friends!

No monsters today. Instead, Blitzwing!



Here’s my painting of Ghost Rider from Marvel’s Midnight Suns in a variant red leather outfit. For some reason the uploading process has desaturated it. The original it even fierier.


Very nice work, Higgledy.

Regarding the colours, it might be a colour profile thing. If you did this in Procreate on an iPad (which I think you said you've been using?), then the default colour profile is P3, which allows for a greater colour gamut than most displays are capable of—stronger oranges in particular.

Oh interesting. That’ll be it. Thanks!

Could also have been modified for web safe colors...

That looks AWESOME, Higgledy!

Here's what I did today: Rodimus Prime. Coincidentally, the colors are kind of similar!


That's one hot Hot Rod!

I really like the textured face and that smile.

Thanks! The eyes and he face are done with metallic watercolors, but they don't photograph very well. They look shinier more textured in person!

Ah. Makes sense.

I went for cute today:


You succeeded!

Thank you!

And since it's Mermay (according to Ravanon), here's Merman, from the Masters of the Universe... eh... universe:


I drew this guy yesterday. Now I need to color both him and Merman:


It looks like it’s off on a mission.

He's definitely working on something... I just don't know what it is!

A good afternoon so far: first I played some Dredge, then I colored these two guys:



Great colour. Brings them to life. I’m working on a Magik painting.

Thanks! I love Magik, so I'm very curious to see your rendition!

It’s coming on. It’s proving very demanding but the bits that are finished look good.


In the meantime, here is some Fights in Tight Spaces fan art with Agent 11 beating up ninjas.


Ooooooh! Very cool!

It amused me to do a portrait of a character with a blank face but actually it turned out very well. It’s also memorialised the moment when my counter deck really took off and I could just stand there punching any ninja foolish enough to hit me.

I've been following this thread for a while now, I hope to start contribuiting soon some sketches, at least, I really need to recover my once objectively decent drawing skills.

Please do, Feeank!

Or don't do what I do is have the same thought and do nothing about it for months.
To be fair, I am in rehearsal for a few original works