Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

This week's prompt has just been posted: "tower."

Here's my "tower."

Stay safe, everyone!


I'm always entertained by your animal-folk, Mario.

For my part, I'm pondering whether to try to draw a 'Tower' card as a proof-of-concept for a future custom Tarot deck, something I've fancied doing since playing the Ogre Battle / Tactics Ogre games. I'll need to get a move on if I want to stay ahead of the next prompt though...

Glad you like them, Ravanon! Drawing animals is more fun than drawing people... plus you can get away with wonky anatomy way more easily!

A "Tower" tarot card is a cool idea, as is drawing a whole deck. I actually drew the Major Arcana for my own deck many, many years ago when I was starting college (I think), and it was a lot of fun. Needless to say, they all look horrible, but it was the best I could do back then, haha.

For this week I had also been playing with the idea of a Stephen King's Dark Tower drawing. I re-read the whole saga last year, and I've been wanting to try my hand at drawing the main characters, and this prompt would be the perfect excuse. As you can see, I went with sheep instead, but since school has been canceled this week, I might just have the extra time to do it. We'll see...

In any case, we're waiting for your tower drawing, Ravanon, whatever it ends up being .

So here's my 'Tower' tarot card:


Not my usual style, and I think I might have overdone it somewhat with the colours and blending of different layers, but hey, if you don't experiment you never pick up new tricks.

That looks AMAZING, Ravanon! Terrific job! Love everything about it.

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Just did it myself so can confirm it works (though it supposedly takes up to 48 hours to apply so if your billing date is within that you might still get charged for this month and get the two free months after).

Here's my second tower, this time set in the Dark Tower universe by Stephen King:


I confess I have a third "tower" drawing, so while we wait for the first elephants to show up, here you have it:


Here's my drawing for this week's prompt, "elephant."

Also, sorry for the triple post!


Can't let Mario dominate the entire thread by himself!

Here's my elephant(s):


When I was looking for elephant references on Google Image Search, I couldn't find one on a skateboard or anything...

Very cool, Ravanon!

Also, thanks for not leaving me here all alone .

Finally, it was tough to find an elephant skateboarding I could copy!

Let's see what the next prompt is!

Last week's prompt (or, I guess, this week's, since it's still Wednesday) is finally out: "joy." And tomorrow we get the new one!

Here is my quick submission, wanted to make sure I got to participate before the week flips over.


Nice! I'd say she (or maybe he) looks pretty joyful!

I hope you keep posting your weekly drawings!

3or4monsters: even with the sketchy style, I think you capture 'joy' very well there.

I had trouble with this one, especially with the prompt coming late on Twitter. Still, here's my 'joy', sneaking in... actually a bit late, because the next prompt has already been posted! (It's 'green'—apparently they're doing a colour theme this month, not that we've been bothering to stick to black and white ourselves.)


I am not receiving money from Apple corporation. Because they don't do the wires anymore.

Needs to have the body in silhouette too ;P

Very cool, Ravanon!

I haven't even started on mine because I'm working on finishing something else, but my goal is to have Joy and Green done before the next prompt is posted. We'll see...

Ravanon wrote:

(It's 'green'—apparently they're doing a colour theme this month, not that we've been bothering to stick to black and white ourselves.)

Hahaha! For real .

Well, it turns out I found some time to draw my "joy" before having to make dinner. I swear, the less time I spend working on a drawing, the more I tend to like it...


This is technically not related to this challenge but i'm using it as a do-over for snake Just to prove i can still draw stuff

It's the major NPC for a new D&D project i'm trying to put together.


Here's my "green." I'm glad I'm caught up now!


And here's my 'green':


Cool! I wonder what the next color is going to be. I have an idea for "red," so that's the one I'm hoping for!

miracles do happen! I'm finally working on "Hammer".
I'll catch up in no time

I'm BACK, BAYBEEE! (until i get stuck again )

Week 6 (!) "Hammer"



Here's my "red," which I'm so glad they went with:


EDITED: NEVERMIND. FOUND IT. Wanted the list of prompts, now following @inktober on twitter. Whew sorry I am easily confused.

Here's my 'red':


consistently amazing , Ravanon <3

Here's my "blue" for this week: