Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

OooOOhh. Very good.

Haha. Thanks. I have to say I was really into it! We should start every morning like this!

I only doodle when I’m on the phone but you come up with some great stuff when you just let your mind do it’s own thing.

I usually only doodle at meetings, but those doodles are never this abstract, so it was interesting. It was only about ten minutes, and it left me wanting to draw all day. I started something when I got home, but I did not finish it. Maybe today...

Finished it right before bed! Here's Ratchet:



I was gone for a few days visiting my family in Spain, and now that I have an iphone I was able to take a picture of the biggest thing I have ever drawn:


I painted this on one of my bedroom walls circa 1997. I remember I copied the illustration from the back of a magazine or comics catalog, and added/changed a couple of characters. It had been nine years since I had seen this wall, and it was nice to see it again!

Wow, fantastic. The characters are very, very accurate to their TV versions.

I'm glad you like it. I had so much fun drawing it!

Looks like you need to incorporate more larger scale drawing into your routine Mario

Hahaha. I'll ask my wife if we have any available walls.

*Wanders in and kicks the thread awake.*

Yeah, I haven't been doing much drawing since October. So to get back into the swing of things, I drew one of the demons from Persona 2: Innocent Sin, Empusa:


The designs of demons and personas in the persona series (and Shin Megami Tensei in general) are often inventive. Empusas, as I recall, are a sort of greek vampire. Their form varies across myth, but one interpretation holds that they all have one brass leg, which the Persona 2 version likes to hop on during battles.

Very cool! I like the hair, and the new signature.

I've been itching to go back to the drawing board, but I haven't had time. I've even bought a new sketch pad (for charcoal!) and a new desk lamp (and still, it has become undeniable that I need to go get my eyesight tested and most likely get glasses because I can't see what's right in front of me anymore). But Christmas break is almost here, so I will definitely get some drawing done!


I’ve dropped off completely but I am getting some very important RL jobs done. I intend to fire up the old Procreate app shortly.

I should keep an emergency sketchbook in my classroom so that I don't keep drawing on my planner:


What else would you use the planner for though?

An excellent point!

Sounds like you've found two great mediums though.
Walls and day planners.

Hahaha. You're absolutely right! One is easier to come by than the other, though.

Mario_Alba wrote:

Hahaha. You're absolutely right! One is easier to come by than the other, though. :D

Yup, I see way more walls then I do day planners.

I must agree with you!

Here's a quick drawing of my completely inaccurate mental image of the main characters of the "Antonia Scott" trilogy by Spanish author Juan Gómez Jurado:


My wife took this picture as Hazel was helping me post the comment above.


Your work area is much nicer than mine Mario...

I've been quite sick the last few days (nothing serious—just my turn to catch whatever's been going around), so various things I needed to get done before Christmas are now getting perilously neglected. It did mean however that I got another drawing done, as drawing seems to be the only thing I can really concentrate on at the moment.


I've now added hooves to my repertoire of human phenotype variations!

She's incredible, Rav! Well done.

Looks great, Ravanon! She reminds me of the Angelus from the Top Cow universe.

Also, I'm glad you like my mini-studio. My dogs and cats like it even more, I assure you!

The Evil Queen from "Lost in Random," a game I finished last night:


"Lost in Random" strikes again! This time, it's Even, the main character:


The Frost Varx, from the awesome show "Monarch: Legacy of Monsters."


Happy holidays from the Albas!


This is the annual Christmas drawing I do for my wife. I still need to color it (and I'm running out of time!), but I thought I'd share it with you, friends!

Wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful Christmas/holidays.

You have many cats and dogs. I think my cat Flynn would love a canine brother or sister.