Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

Love the style!

Higgledy wrote:

Thanks. I can see the Roomna interpretation being a potential problem. I’ll have to try and make it clear you’re seeing into the bowl and that it doesn’t look like it has a flat top.

Oh, I wouldn't worry too much about that—I think that's already fairly clear on closer inspection. It was just me being a bit daft.

I was going to play Ghost of Tsushima, but I drew this instead:


Nice. It is amazing how a drawing can take over once started.


I'm watching (and loving) Ahsoka, and so I'm feeling the urge to draw characters from the show, so here's... young Lando!


I do love Ahsoka, and I do want to draw characters from the show, but I had been wanting to draw Lando for a while. I was going to go with the classic, older version, but as I was looking up photos of the character, I came across Donald Glover's portrayal, and decided to go with it. And while we're talking about young Lando, here's my dirty little secret: Solo: A Star Wars Story is without a doubt my favorite of the Disney Star Wars movies. I adore it, I've watched it at least four times (a huge feat in this day and age in which I barely ever rewatch anything because who has time with the constant barrage of new stuff hitting us on a daily basis?), and I feel like I could watch it any time. I just looooove that movie.

As for the drawing itself, it took me about 13 minutes, and I'm hoping I can do something like this for every Inktober/Arttober day, because I won't have much more time than that!

Speaking of Inktober, I may have jumped the gun a tad! This is DREAMS. I’m going to try and hold off doing more, other than sketching ideas.


I’ve had a couple of versions of legs and arms for Bowl. They’re hidden away so far outside of the dreams. I thought he could have three tentacles but he quickly starts to look like a robotic octopus. Another idea was to have a separate little robot who carries Bowl about but that’s getting too complicated.

Doing these drawings is fun.

Those are fun!

I was at a bit of a loose end during our currently regular Dark Heresy game, due to the session being dominated somewhat by another PC's family politics (what with him playing the party noble), while my character (the Administratum adept) wanted to do something more fun like go look at some shipping manifests.

Anyway, I ended up drawing again, and finished the drawing this afternoon.


I was thinking I needed to try to show a bit more expression on my character's faces, but in this case it may have come out slightly too manic (and this is after reducing the size of the grin...).

It looks fine to me, Rav.
If you really wanted to change something, I think puffing the chest out more would have a bigger effect. (or tilt it to the side more depending on what you want to say)
I think the thing is the nature of demon eyes/pupils not giving a lot of non manic/wicked expression. See snake or wolf eyes, they are sinister by design.

I love the subtleness of the tail holding the keys. Pickpocketed?

I love how clean and polished it looks, Ravanon!

Me, I keep finding joy in being unrefined and just messing with things to see what happens, an approach I never thought I'd take:


I literally smeared the page with a bunch of unlikely things, from liquid graphite to white ink, and kicked everything around with a brush. It was so much fun!

More Ahsoka stuff:


Both are very nice.

Yeah, they are gorgeous

Thank you, friends! They look better in person, where you can see the metallic watercolors better, but hey --you get the idea!

I took the day off yesterday, but here's more Ahsoka goodness:


Are you sure that's not Garp? (One Piece)
Heh, sorry. That show is so on top of mind these days

fangblackbone wrote:

Are you sure that's not Garp? (One Piece)
Heh, sorry. That show is so on top of mind these days

Why is the alien from Farscape in One Piece?


I'm watching One Piece myself (I'm 3 episodes in), and I keep thinking Garp looks like Baylan Skoll! Great minds think alike!

I’ve been working on this portrait of my monk character Ryth from our current D&D campaign. I need to get better at skin and lighting on faces but it was a lot of fun to do and I learn a lot every time I do something like this.


Very nice work, Higgledy. The scale pattern on the robe adds character, though I'm curious if you get the same sense of regret I always do halfway through when I commit to drawing a recurring pattern like that...

Oh yes, definitely. Also, turns out, it’s very hard to steer scales around a corner whilst keeping them looking like scales!

Very cool, Higgledy! And yes: those patterns can be deadly!

Ok, this drawing on the iPad business is getting out of hand!!

I recently played Citizen Sleeper and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. I thought it’s be fun to do a few mock ups of R&C as if it were a Citizen Sleeper style game with illustrations of Ratchet and other characters in the gorgeous art style of that game (by a comic artist called Guillaume Singelin.)

In the end I scaled down the idea and just tried a single drawing of Rivet. I’m very pleased with it (I can always tell if I’m particularly pleased with a drawing because I ca’t stop looking at it.) My colours were too bright so I applied a filter in iPhoto and it did the job. It’s no where near the style or atmosphere of Guillaume Singelin‘s illustrations really but it was an interesting exercise.


That looks awesome, Higgledy! I really like the light coming from the back.

That light happened very quickly in the end. I really like it when you are not sure how to tackle part of a drawing and then you throw on a quick effect and it just works. You can sit back and think, ‘Well, I guess that bit’s done!’

Edit: I decided the filter was a bit too crude. Here’s a manually adjusted version.


This is a drawing of another D&D character of mine. I created her for a one off Blades in the Dark campaign. I imagine she has a gravelly voice.


Edit: New version. I’ve lightened the character. Taken some colour out of her face and changed the eyes to grey/blue.

And we were just talking about incorporating the subjects into their environments more...
Nicely done!


Very cool! It reminds me of the title of a Spanish novel I really like: "The Patient Sniper."