Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

I'll take a bodice of flight!

Also, awesome work, Ravanon.

Also, thank you for the kind words and constant support, fang.

Also, here's a quick pen sketch I did in class today while waiting on a student to finish her essay:


Look! Folds and pointy ears!

Mario_Alba wrote:

Look! Folds and pointy ears! :D

I see your folds and pointy ears, and raise you an... um... very big hand.


I didn't get the positioning of the elven lady and her cloak with respect to the plane of the palm quite right, but nevermind.

Hahaha! Awesome! Challenge accepted... but it might take a few days.

Well, it's been over a week and I have a small backlog forming, so here's another drawing:


Looks great! I still want to follow up on your previous drawing, but I haven't had time to sit and draw anything!

Okay, I used my free period in school today to do the drawing I had been wanting to do:

Ravanon wrote:

I see your folds and pointy ears, and raise you an... um... very big hand.

I see your folds, pointy ears, and big hand, and raise you a pair of horns and wings.


Ideally, this would be colored, but I know it's not going to happen, so black and white it is.

Hooves too, I notice.

YES! I forgot to point those out! So there you go!

And chitin armor

Alas, I've not been able to find the time and energy this last fortnight to meet the entire set of desiderata raised by Mario's last drawing—so I'm going to retreat to merely doing folds, pointy-ears and wings, courtesy of this drawing I did late last month:


Also she has hooves. You can't prove she doesn't.

Transparent horns too!

That looks awesome. I bet the hooves look great as well.

If you make a coffee table book (and I would buy it), you can call it Folds, Wings, and Pointy-Eared Things.

I recently read Catwoman: Lonely City, by Cliff Chiang, and enjoyed it very much. I particularly liked Chiang's redesigns of the characters, so I did a quick drawing of his Catwoman.


My soon-to-be brother-in-law likes Dragon Ball in general and Super Saiyans in particular, so I thought it would be funny to draw him as one. Unfortunately, he sports a buzz cut, so I couldn't really go crazy with the hair because we have to keep things realistic in this fantasy universe, obviously! Also, I wonder if his beard would also go yellow?


I recently finished Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, and absolutely loved it. I had been wanting to draw Bormin and Dux ever since I started the game, and I finally did it, even if they are just quick sketches:



For the Bormin drawing, I sketched it with pencil first, and then I inked it with a Sharpie pen. Dux I just drew straight with a random blue ballpoint pen I had on my desk. I love drawing with ballpoint pens because I can draw fast and I can get the lines mostly the way I want them, so I have a lot of fun. The opposite happens when I use technical felt-tip pens such as Copics because, as I've said before, I exert too much pressure on the pens when I draw, and I ruin the tip very quickly... not to mention I have to hold the pen at a weird angle to be able to use it once the tip has gone in, which slows me down and takes a lot of the fun away. In any case, I hope you like the sketches!

The character design for MY:0 was unique and fantastic.

I completely agree.

I think we need more post-apocalyptic, anthropomorphic animal games.

The announcement trailer was great too. Probably got them a lot more eyeballs for such a small indie team.

Absolutely. I remember watching it for the first time and immediately wanting to get it. I'm excited about their new game, Miasma Chronicles, but it's not coming out for the PS4, so I'll have to wait until I upgrade. I guess I can always play the MY0 DLC while I wait.

How do you feel about Honkai Star Rail characters for practice? Lots of folds, but not a lot of feathers or wings. Asta has a telescope for a weapon, and Serval a guitar, so that's fun. Their outfits are not as fan service-y skimpy as other anime games.

They look cool!

I suspect that if I do Arttrober again this October, there'll be a Honkai Star Rail character on the prompt list. Aside from that, some of the character designs are interesting, but a bit busy for my taste, just like Genshin Impact (no surprise there). So... maybe? My drawings are mainly dictated by whim at the moment.

And as for this week's whim... I didn't do wings!


Love the hair!

Mario_Alba wrote:

Love the hair! :)

Love the eyes!

I just found out #kaijune is a thing. It sounds fun!

Mario_Alba wrote:

I just found out #kaijune is a thing. It sounds fun!

It does sound kind of fun, though I really can't justify doing any one-a-day drawing challenges outside of maybe one month a year...

Hahaha. I totally get it. I am considering it, but I don't know...

We're a happy family.