Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

Very nice, pyxistyx! Mine's considerably less elaborate:


Another little random social media challenge that popped up. Might be worth a try

The rules seem to be nice and simple: just snap a selfie (try to make it an exciting and expressive one), take it into your favourite art app and paint over part of your portrait in your own particular cartoon style. (If you're stuck you can always follow our guide on how to draw manga, and check out our best iPad drawing apps for art app ideas.) Then post it on Twitter and Instagram with the #ToonMe and maybe #toonmechallenge hashtags attached.

Joining the exodus from the other thread, here's my attempt at "Brick".


I was, uh, getting short on time before the next prompt.

I been 'tooned.


She's a Brick...


This week's Inktober 52 prompt is "snake." Much better than "brick," in my opinion .

DEFINITELY! But it'll still take some thought to tie in to my character...

My Brain: "Ooh, 'snake'. This would be a good opportunity to practice drawing scales."

Me: "Good idea, brain!"

(Some time spent drawing scales later.)

Me: "This was a terrible idea."


Ooooo...that's great!

Not quite as polished as that beauty above, but i'm calling this done 'cause i'm getting bored with it

#inktober52 week 4: snake


Awesome work, both pyxistyx and Ravanon!

I definitely had no patience to draw the scales, but since you two colored your drawings, I felt like I had to as well:


silly kobold, that's not a dragon, that's an Ekans!

Hahaha. I actually had to look up what an Ekans was... and my goodness, you are ABSOLUTELY right!

Oh no!

The next prompt is "Balloon".

The only thing i can think to relate this to my D&D character is that time a couple of weeks ago where she plunged her finger into the eye of a Sahaguin priestess and used Cause Wounds to make coral erupt from her skull, exploding her head from the inside out.

This next one could get messy, is what i'm saying!

Hahaha! I want to see that!

As for the prompt itself... hmmm... Let's see what I come up with...

I'm done early this week!


I really like the perspective on that one, Mario (and the expression on the badgers' faces).

I couldn't think of anything particularly clever to do for 'balloon', so I just went for this:


It's his birthday, and he's just sentenced a political enemy to death.

Thank you, Ravanon!
I like the contrast in yours, and how his eye is red like the balloon .

The next prompt is now out: 'Hammer'.

But we didn't get many balloons this week! I'm looking at you, pyxistyx—you promised/implied gratuitous fantasy violence.

Ravanon wrote:

But we didn't get many balloons this week! I'm looking at you, pyxistyx—you promised/implied gratuitous fantasy violence.

Hear, hear!

As for the prompt, hmmm... That one would also lend itself to gratuitous fantasy violence...

apologies - i got hit by a couple of suprise commissions which, combined with my regular work has been consuming my time. i'll try to catch up as soon as i can!

I was working on another image, and then realised that I could kill two birds with one hammer* and use it for the weekly prompt.


*I am not sorry.

Very cool, Ravanon. And I like your joke .

Here's mine, fresh off the... brush?


This week's prompt is "dinner," in case you haven't seen it yet.

Hmm... dinner.


that is SO GOOD!

If that is Japanese Curry, I think... I think I love you.

That looks awesome... and tasty!

Here's mine!


Mario_Alba wrote:

Here's mine!

That restaurant has not been the same since Scar became ruler of the Pride Lands.