Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

Earlier today, I figured that this should be a relatively quick one, but for some reason it ended up one of my more time-consuming pieces. I'm really not getting much else done this month.

Megumin from KonoSuba:


Nope, I haven't seen it either.

Looks great as usual, Ravanon.

Regarding the time spent on the pieces, I'm glad I made my peace with not having enough time to really do anything detailed this year and opted for simpler fare, because I have been (and continue to be) slammed with work, and I have not had time to do much of anything at home other than my daily workout. Even if I wanted to spend more time drawing this month, it would be impossible! (Plus, my wife's birthday is today, and I always draw something for her, so I had to find time here and there to do that as well. Plus Halloween is almost here, and I also draw a picture for that every year. Man, October is such a busy month!)

The first rule of fight club is: you don't talk about fight club.
Because if I could talk about fight club, I could explain what is distracting me from my TTRPG art project

Arttrober Day 20 brings us Belial, from Granblue Fantasy Versus:


I've never played the game, but I knew about it because I've always thought it looks very cool. I'm not a fighting game person, though, so instead of buying it I started to watch the anime on Netflix, which was fine but I never finished. But now I am very much looking forward to Granblue Fantasy Relink, which looks like a cool JRPG starring the same characters. Here's a video, in case you want to check it out:

My Belial:


Never played Granblue Fantasy myself.

Very cool, Ravanon!

Here's the drawing I did for my wife's birthday: a portrait of our bearded dragon, Neptune:


I'll have two!

Hahaha. He does love crickets, and these big, juicy, blue worms we buy for him. He used to love Dubia roaches, but he's not feeling them lately.

I've always loved Jim Lee, and for the longest time I wanted to draw like him. This phase lasted for several years, until I realized there was only one Lee... and it wasn't me. However, I've been reading his latest sketchbook, and it inspired me to try to channel his style again, and what better piece for it than today's Arttrober prompt, Donna Troy?


This is the last Arttrober prompt I'm doing. Starting tomorrow, I go back to the Kayfabetober list for the final stretch of the month!

My Donna Troy:


Two thirds of the way done! I'm going to have to decide soon what my Day 31 (personal choice) pick is going to be.

Back to Kayfabetober! Day 22 is Akira!


Day 22 of Arttrober is Cha Hae-In, a character from the Korean web-novel/webtoon Solo Leveling:


Naturally, I haven't read it, continuing my run of being almost entirely disconnected from the things I've been drawing for the past month.

I really like this one! One of my favorites so far!

I went back to Kayfabetober for the final stretch because I didn't really know any of the characters left in Arttrober. Lots of slasher movie baddies coming your way in a few days!

The eyes and face look amazing Ravanon!

I really dig the outfit on that one!
Taking some mental notes for reference.

Today's Kayfabetober prompt is "Tezuka," so I drew one of the characters from Tezuka's Dororo:


Thanks for the compliments, folk. I'm certainly getting the practice in this month.

Day 23 of Arttrober is Millia Rage from the Guilty Gear franchise:


Guess what? I haven't played these games either!

Very cool, Ravanon!

I've never played any of the Guilty Gear games either, but I've been tempted to get Guilty Gear Strive a few times because, even though I'm not a fighting game person, the character designs are amazing. Maybe when it goes super cheap in the future...

Kayfabetober 24: Jamie Hewlett.


Day 24 of Arttrober is Shuri from the MCU film Black Panther (and others, I guess):


Not to sound like a broken record, but I really haven't kept up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the last however-many years, so I haven't seen any of the Wakanda stuff. Maybe if I spring for Disney+ one of these days...

Black Panther is really good.

It really is!

Today's prompt is "Geof Darrow," so I drew the main character in his Shaolin Cowboy series... which I've never read.


Yeah, I should really pick up a subscription to Disney+ and do some catch-up of some of the better Marvel movies. Or I could just watch cartoons for a month*.

Today I drew the pinkest thing I have ever drawn in my entire life. Day 25 of Arttrober is Madoka Kaname of Puella Magi Madoka Magica:


No, I haven't seen this.

* Oh, and Hamilton!

Kayfabetober, Day 26: Cartoonist Kayfabe.
For this prompt I could only draw the men behind the Cartoonist Kayfabe moniker: Jim Rugg and Ed Piskor themselves!


Is that their real size?!


Day 26 of Arttrober is Nina Williams of the Tekken series:


A bit different from yesterday! I still haven't figured out how best to handle shiny leather and similar materials (see Storm earlier in the thread), but I think I'm starting getting a sense of what to do.

Looks shiny enough!

Here's the 27th prompt, "Freddy Krueger":


Day 27 for me is Tank Girl from er...Tank Girl:


Nice! I almost drew her for the "Jamie Hewlett" prompt!

Today's prompt is another slasher movie bad guy: Jason Vorhees!


Michael Myers coming tomorrow!