Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

I've never seen the show, but the drawing looks good!

Ravanon wrote:

I really should finish watching that show. It's a good thing we're starting this month on a weekend, because that took way too long for a daily picture.

As I said above, I will not allow myself to take too long on any picture this time around because I don't really have the time. I'm going to keep it to a maximum of 20 minutes or so per piece, so no color, no details, no nothing! My drawings are going to look soooooo good!

ok. I needed something quick and easy to do this year that I can do in between other things, and I settled on doing some dungeon tokens for custom dungeon battle maps. I did a few pre-october as a test, and have now done the first two days prompts (using the CREATober list from the DMs Guild discord server).

(A basic room to test the tiles on, some sundial variations and a couple of pits)


1 - SLOW
Some 'difficult terrain'


A couple of teleport spheres.


Those look awesome, pyxistyx!

Less awesome is my drawing for Kayfabetober Day 2: Sandman:


Under 15 minutes, so not bad at all, hahaha. Also, the first Sandman I've ever drawn. I've never read the comic, but recently finished the Netflix show, which I thought was fantastic.

pyxistyx wrote:

ok. I needed something quick and easy to do this year that I can do in between other things, and I settled on doing some dungeon tokens for custom dungeon battle maps. I did a few pre-october as a test, and have now done the first two days prompts (using the CREATober list from the DMs Guild discord server).

I like some nice dungeon tiles. The only thing that vaguely bothers me is that the sundials are partitioned into eight rather than twelve *twitch*. (Obviously just kidding—keep 'em coming!)

Mario_Alba wrote:

Less awesome is my drawing for Kayfabetober Day 2: Sandman:

Hmm, that's one Neil Gaiman property I've never looked into, comic or film.

Talking about properties I have little familiarity with—Day 2 of Arttrober is Chun-Li from the Street Fighter franchise (specifically, her SF6 design):


The last time I played a Street Fighter game was the demo for the second game on my Amiga 500.

Day 3 - OLD WELL


Aaand it turns out that Sandman was the prompt for Day 3 of Arttrober, so here's my stab at Morpheus:


Awesome Old Wells and Morpheus! Funny coincidence.

My prompt today was Moebius:


I don't think I've read anything by him, except for perhaps his Silver Surfer, which I think I might have read at some point... maybe?

look up the Incal if you get the chance, it's GREAT.

Mario, dude, I seriously need a +1 million like button!

Thank you for the recommendation, pyxistyx. I've heard the title mentioned here and there, but never actually read it. I'll have to fix that!

And thanks for your enthusiasm, fang! I really appreciate it!

I think this one might look good colored. Maybe if I have time... (riiiiiiiight )

EDIT: The kindle version of The Incal, vol. 1: The Black Incal is free with my Prime membership. Sounds like I should download it with the quickness!

Kayfabetober, Day 4: TMNT.


Wow, was that really rough. I have relatively been paralyzed when it comes to my 3D artwork. I don't lack inspiration. I don't lack motivation. For months I just get anxiety(?) or fatalism(?) when I get home from work and try to start something, anything.

Well last night I was so motivated by the Moebius prompt that I wanted to whip out something inspired by his architecture. I found the source I knew I could block out quickly and be off to the races.

But when you know 5+ different techniques and 3+ different programs, you can get stuck when you bump into the limitations of each. Except, I was fumbling with completely basic stuff everywhere. I could never get a foothold and I wanted to punch a wall and scream.

Every little thing was irritating me. So something that should have brought me joy, made me march off to bed with a headache. Yeah, I thought it was really odd that frustration gave me a splitting headache...

Queue this morning and everything I start bears fruit. So I don't have anything right now. But I have a plan for after work this evening.

I have had frustration like this before, but not in a long time. (before I was married over 16 years ago) Work is rough, so I know that is definitely contributing. I can't believe how rage inducing it is

Creative frustration is a real thing. Even if I appear productive in one respect, I can almost guarantee you that there's some other project that I'll be struggling to make any headway with in parallel. Not to mention all the times I suddenly seem to forget how to draw, and everything comes out terrible.

That aside, I'm still able to proceed apace with the Arttrober stuff. Day 4 is Lum from the classic manga and anime* Urusei Yatsura:


* By classic, I of course mean "old thing I've never read/seen".

Day 4 - Space!

Made a big hole.
Then added space into that space.



That sounds rough, fang, but I'm glad to hear you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, you are having fun right now as I type this!

Like Ravanon said (who I see is signing his work on this series), I also get frustrated sometimes, and the feeling that all of a sudden you have forgotten how to draw is very real. Don't let that discourage you, though!

Regarding Ravanon's piece, I've never seen the classic anime either, so no worries. I've seen the character depicted here and there, but that's about it.

Finally, I like your spaces, pyxistyx. The spaces within the spaces look very neat, especially the purplish one.

So I have been creating a TTRPG with my own custom rule set and setting emphasizing collaborative storytelling.
I have gone back and forth with how I am going to create artwork for the book or at least do some eye grabbing teaser images. But I have finally settled on a process.

I can model figures but for $20 I can buy these base meshes and save myself time that I can spend on modeling unique outfits. The second image is of a blender plugin that is used for retopology but I plan on using it to draw polygons on the base mesh to create clothes.

The problem is, every time I go to pull the trigger on purchasing these, I waffle and start with negative thinking and doubting myself. So this was some background frustration and then I couldn't even model some simple building shapes last night. So I wanted to explode

I am going to enable you and say: pull the trigger, get them.

Enabled! And progress:


The process is quirky and error prone but it works. There are several other cheap plugins that do retopology to try out. (the one in the original posting is $86 so I will hold off on that for now)

Because of the tendency to create double geometry, I think I will draw on front/back paper dolls created from the base meshes I bought to iterate on design. Otherwise I am wasting time on needle-in-the-haystack clean up that should be used for iteration.

Day 5! Hard to find a tile idea that would work with "LOST AND FOUND" as a prompt, but I went with a little Arcaeological dig site...


Day 5 of Arttrober 2022... don't recognise the name, do a quick google... oh crap, it's a Genshin Impact character.

Not that I don't like (some of) the Genshin Impact character designs, but I immediately knew that it would eat up more time than the last two images because the character outfits are just so damn over-complicated.

Still, after more time than I care to admit (I'm going to have to make up for time spent on this rather than other things later...), I present Yelan of Genshin Impact:


Very cool, both Ravanon and pyxistyx. You are almost making me feel bad for not spending more than 15 minutes on my drawings, hahaha. And speaking of my labor-intensive pieces, here's today's prompt: Street Angel, the main character in a comic book by one of the two guys behind Cartoonist Kayfabe that I knew nothing about and had to google as well:


Incredible art today! Many thanks from a viewer.

Thank you, Mixolyde! You're always so encouraging!

Here's Kayfabetober Day 6: Bernie Wrightson.


I did this one in 13 minutes while standing at the kitchen counter keeping an eye on the stove.

This one took more than 13 minutes. I'm so tired.

Day 6—Stella from Winx Club:


Another character I didn't know, and a show I can't imagine I'd ever watch/read.

Is that the same universe show as Fate: the Winx Saga?
That is a guilty pleasure of mine that has spent a lot of time this season on musical montages.

edit: it is the same universe! My favorites are Musa and Terra but Stella is pretty cool too. Aisha has cool powers but I'm not really sure what I think of her character/actor


I don't think I have even heard of that show. Cool drawing, though!

Day 6! - An easy one, "CAT"