Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

My whole life I've wanted a Valkyrie from Robotech, and I keep drawing "homages" to them every chance I get. Come to think of it, I should get me one at some point, now that I don't depend on my parents to get me toys anymore.

If I had time and money, I'd get a 3d printer and make macross, southern cross and mospeada miniatures to my hearts content. In fact I am shocked at the lack of southern cross toys. Who wouldn't want these:


Excellent plan, and I agree! Every time I look at Robotech figures and models, they are so expensive I always end up not buying any. I keep hoping they finally finish the live-action movie they've been working on for the past decade so that all the toys (and new ones) are re-released and are hopefully cheaper.

This also reminds me this week they had the Macross Frontier movie(s) showing in theaters this week, didn't they? I've never seen anything past the original mash-up of Macross, Southern Cross, and Mospeada back in the early 90s, so I really know nothing about those movies.

It would be great if they remastered the series or if they remade it and released it as a box set. And while I'm at it, I'll also wish for a Galaxy Rangers remaster/re-release. Oh, how I loved that show...

Looks like the Lancer TTRPG to me.

On a bit of a roll with these! Deathtrap Dungeon is up next.


Mixolyde wrote:

Looks like the Lancer TTRPG to me.

Never heard of it, but now that I looked it up, totally.

Here's Page 2 of The MECHanic. I didn't even do a thumbnail this time --I just sat down this morning and drew the whole thing.


Mario_Alba wrote:
Mixolyde wrote:

Looks like the Lancer TTRPG to me.

Never heard of it, but now that I looked it up, totally.

I did some maps for a 3rd party Lancer module recently. It was fun to do something OTHER than fantasy for a change!

Also : FF Book 6 - Deathtrap Dungeon!


Page 3 of The MECHanic is here!


Only one left!

And page 4!


Lettering for all four pages coming tomorrow! (I think.)

Here's the finished version of The MECHanic:





That's six stories in six months! I still need to color and letter The Foxhunt, though, so I'll either do that next, or move on to the seventh story, Duncan's Adventure. We'll see...

I thought I'd take a break from drawing sequentials by... drawing... non-sequentials.

Also, I will use this drawing to hereby declare my undying love for Aqua. 25 years listening to this album, and I still find it supremely enjoyable!


What happened to Aqua?

They're in a Barbie world?

Book 7! "Island of the Lizard King"


Typo - "Lizad"!

Lizad Wizad!

I am the Lizad King!


A HOPEFULLY spelling mistake free new map -- this time I jumped ahead to the most recent FF book, Crystal of Storms, by Rhianna Pratchett. It's ... probably a little more leaning towards a kids book than the earlier ones but it was enjoyable enough. Scholastic absolutely butchered the illustrators art though by printing it in really horrible cheap monochrome which does it no justice. BUT ANYWAY...


Scorpion Swamp next.

I can honestly say I did not expect to learn today that Fighting Fantasy books were still being written, and Rhianna Pratchett had written one.

Wizard books took over the licence for them back in the 2000's and reprinted a bunch (and added a few new ones) and THEN when they gave up, Scholastic books picked up the licence and then did much the same, reprinting some of the early books and bringing in writers to do new ones, the most recent being Rhianna's one. The presentation is...not great. It's clear they are doing this on the cheap and the art very much targets a much younger audience than the original. (the illustrator does good work, but it's badly crippled by the monochrome presentation of what is clearly supposed to be colour art). Also the cover for the new one is POSSIBLY the worst cover i have ever seen for a FF book.

But yeah. looks like there's two more listed as coming relatively soon as well. I actually ordered a bunch of the new ones the other day just to use them for my little mapping project as much as anything so i'll see how the others are when they arrive.

Achievement Unlocked : "Notice Me Senpai!"


pyxistyx wrote:

Achievement Unlocked : "Notice Me Senpai!"


Congrats! That's amazing. Mark Hamill next?

That's awesome!

As for myself, here's more non-sequential shenanigans, starring my boy Grover:


More Grover shenanigans, this time channeling his inner ancient wolf heritage:


Portrait shenanigans:


A mashup of The Boys and Hugh Jackman ;P

I've been watching season 3 of The Boys, and my goodness --it is so wrong, yet so much fun.

I haven't burnt out on these yet! Here's Book 8 - Scorpion Swamp.