Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

Lame thumbnail for page 2!


Erk. I'm not doing so well at this 'draw something every week' thing right now. As ever, Mario is an endless font of visual storytelling, and Pyxistyx's work is excellent as always.

I got stuck trying to solve a problem today, and entirely coincidentally, I drew something for the first time in a few weeks. It is thus:


The ears are only slightly pointed, rather than full-on antennae, so I guess she must only be a half-elf.

Lovely. The facial details are really nice.

Very cool, Ravanon. And good to see you're still alive!

As for myself, since quantity beats quality , here's Page 2 of Ruled by Spiders:


Thumbnail for page 3:


Fancied going back to my Fighting Fantasy books and ended up redrawing the Firetop Mountain map, just for fun.


Working on panel 1 of page 3. Ah, technology. Ah, perspective...


Coming along nicely!


I am having so much fun!

Last one before I finish the whole page, I promise:


Page 3 is finished!


I feel I am retreading what I did in the comic book, though, so I've decided to cut this story short. Therefore, instead of the seven or so pages I envisioned originally, I am going to see if I can reduce it to four, five max. Let's see what happens!

Super lame thumbnail for page 4, which will definitely be the last one:


Mowing the lawn destroyed me today because I'm a weakling, but I found some energy to do the initial pencils for page 4:


I'm done for the day, though. More tomorrow.

And Page 4 is done!


Lettering for all four pages coming soon!

pyxistyx wrote:

Fancied going back to my Fighting Fantasy books and ended up redrawing the Firetop Mountain map, just for fun.

Nice. I still have a soft spot for the old Fighting Fantasy books, even though they're probably superceded in almost every meaningful way by modern computer RPGs.

(Now do Forest of Doom!)

Citadel of chaos is next chronologically (in progress!) .

The problem with forest of doom is that the map is really simple, it's three or four linear paths through the center of a big lump of trees - and thus not particularly interesting to look at by default. But it's up after citadel so I'll figure something out!

I just have a soft spot for Forest of Doom because it was my first Fighting Fantasy. Also, I probably have an exaggerated sense of the complexity of the map because I somehow kept making the same mistake progressing through the book when I was younger (something like consistently going to paragraph 163 instead of 183 when directed), which meant I kept getting lost and confused.

Well, i'll have to figure it out because it's up next!


This book is an absolute nightmare to map, by the way. It doesn't do a great job of describing how some of the locations connect to one another.

Looks awesome!

This week I drew a witch. Which witch? This witch.


You need another witch so that:
Which witch is which?

Ooooh, she put a spell on me!

Awesome witch, Ravanon!

Here you have all four pages of Ruled by Spiders for your reading pleasure (all 26 seconds of it):





Ha, I just posted in Dr. Incurable's tagging thread, suggesting the tag "Physician, heal thyself they said ..." This thread was my next stop. I did a double take on the first panel! Love it! Great job on the comic.

Too funny!
And thank you! The next one starts soon!

Perhaps my lamest thumbnail so far, this is for page 1 of The MECHanic:


Fighting Fantasy book 4! Starship Traveller. The first of the non-Allansia sci-fi themed books.


oh and i never posted book 3 here either - here's Forest of Doom.


Excellent maps, pyxistyx!

I've been super busy this week with an online course I had to take, but today I was free to draw so here's Page 1 of The MECHanic:


Skull squadron FTW