Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

"The Hubris of the Pelican" should be the title of... something.

Here's the (lame) thumbnail for Page 8:


I dragged myself away from Final Fantasy VII Remake long enough to draw the page. Maybe I can even ink it tomorrow?


I really should, because I want to finish the story by the end of the month, and I still have two pages left!


Got distracted by the excellent third season of Love, Death & Robots, but I managed to finish Page 8:


Two left!

Here's the super lame thumbnail for Page 9:


Been working on ...stuff so haven't had time to draw much that I can share, sadly. But here's a spelljammer map update I did for fun a few days back...


My plan is to go through the entire original 2nd edition book and update all the ship maps (whenever I have time). I'm actually working on a project (well, technically two different projects but the second one hasn't started yet) involving drawing spelljammer or spelljammer-adjacent ships, so i'm sure I will be sick of them after a while )

Super cool!

Pencils for Page 9 done!


Still waiting for those BTTF hoverboards...

That makes two of us!

Finished Page 9 last night:


One left!

Oooh ooh!

"Ding ding"

*pelican is at the door (with only one gun of course)*
"You're under arrest!"

...nailed it!

You're not too far off!!!

I was able to draw Page 10 in school today because it was the last day and there was nothing for me to do, so expect to see it later today. No thumbnails or pencils so as not to spoil the surprise!

Here it is:


Now, of course, it needs to be colored and lettered, but that's going to have to wait for a little while so that I can move on to the next story!

Drawing my Odyssey of the Dragonlords players' characters again now they've hit a bit of a milestone (killed the first of the two main big bads).


Naturally doing it in a HADES style...

Very cool!

BTW: does anyone know of any good action line drawing tutorials?

Second of four characters!


Very cool, pyxistyx!

fangblackbone wrote:

BTW: does anyone know of any good action line drawing tutorials?

Sadly, I do not.

So, a quick recap of the last week. I am on summer break, which pleases me to no end. "I will be more productive," I told myself, but I took some time to watch movies and try to finish FFVII Remake (almost done!), and so I haven't drawn anything other than the thumbnail below. I did write the script for what was going to be my next story, Podcast Vérité, but I realized it should be a short prose story, not a comic book, so I moved down my list of ideas to the next one: Ruled by Spiders. Here's the lame thumbnail:


The story will be about eight pages long, and while it will stand on its own, it is kind of a sequel to a comic book I drew several years ago, also titled Ruled by Spiders. That comic is 26 pages, and it took me several years to draw... not that you could tell so much effort went into it when you look at the end results, haha. In case you have nothing better to do with your time, you can download and read the whole thing for free here. (Hopefully I did that right. If you can't access it, just let me know and I'll fix it somehow. It is not essential reading, and it's not all that great, but check it out if you have some time!)

Finally, I still need to color and letter The Foxhunt, but that is not going to happen anytime soon, but it will happen... at some point this summer? I hope?

Oh, I also did some extreme weedeating this morning.


You had weeds in your hair?

Hahaha. There were weeds everywhere, man. Everywhere!

Odyssey campaign character 3 of 4! - Rhoda, the Pathfinder.


aaaand the last one, Phil - former cursed Medusa, current non-cursed Firbolg.


Pyxi, are those your characters or are you drawing the characters that you are playing with?

They are the characters of the players in the odyssey of the Dragonlords campaign I am running

I know you mentioned it but it slipped my mind, sorry.

Excellent work as usual, pyxistyx!

As for me, now that I'm done with Final Fantasy VII I am going back to being more productive, I promise! Here's the first panel of page 1 of Ruled by Spiders.


This story will be all pencils with no ink nor color to keep things interesting. Also, I wanted to try the set of graphite pencils that came in one of my last Sketchbox shipments before my subscription ran out. I had never used this kind of pencil, and my fingers are all gray/black from using them!


What do you know, I finished the whole page!


Wait, don't tell me...
He ran into Pelican guns akimbo!?

Nice change of pace. Your style with pencils is much grittier it seems. Plus, atmospheric perspective!!!

fangblackbone wrote:

Wait, don't tell me...
He ran into Pelican guns akimbo!?

Hahaha. No crossovers, though! At least, not between these two stories.

fangblackbone wrote:

Nice change of pace. Your style with pencils is much grittier it seems. Plus, atmospheric perspective!!!

I agree that my "only pencils" style is a bit less defined as far as lines and shapes go. That allows me to get away with not erasing a bunch of the lines I used to sketch the figures, heeheehee. Also, I can try some lame shading here and there and give everything a little atmosphere and make it look different from previous stories. When all ten are done and put together, the book is going to look like a hodge-podge of visual styles and finishes, haha.