Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

Non-stop Cartographer action, baby! Here's Page 3:


That said, I think this page looks like utter sh*t, hahaha. I wasn't happy with #2, and I managed to do even worse on this one. Silver linings, though:

1. They're done!
2. The next one will be better!

The upper left panel is terrific and a stand out. Don't be so hard on yourself

Thank you, fang. I wasn't fishing for compliments, but I appreciate it!

Page 4 is here!


Page 5 is finished!


Only one left!

That is one fierce ferret!

Yeah, kings think they can do whatever they want...

Yeah i 'aint crossing that ferret. You point, i'll map!

No one messes with the stout stoat!

That said, I'm sure he would be pleased with pyxistyx's maps, but I don't know if Ortos will be good enough. In any case, here's the last page:



(I spent more than a few minutes early trying to decide what the request might be, and one of my guesses was mighty close...)

Nice! I see we have similarly weird ideas, then.

sounds like a challenge to me.

From the next page:

Sike! Haha no actually I need you to chart out the quickest path from here to Steubenville OH. Don't ask why, it's a stoat thing.

Hahaha. Nice.

Sooooo, let's go back to The Foxhunt. Here's the "pencils" for Page 1:


I'm doing the whole thing digitally, so we'll see how it turns out...

Page 1 ready to be colored!


That said, I think I'll draw them all before I color them.

What app are you using again? Sketchbook?
The lines look really clean

Yes, I am using Sketchbook. The ink pen, to be precise.

pondereing an idea for a ttrpg map anthology with a bunch of other cartographers. While I was pondering I made a lil bit of a mock up cover art for the idea!


Nice! And a good idea too!

Here's the thumbnail for Page 2. Hopefully you can actually see the lines!


Digital pencils for Page 2:


Much clearer what is going on in the panel

Haha. Yeah, you can barely see the first image.

Page 2 ready to be colored... at some point:


I totally dig the akimbo pelican cop
I hope it gets featured in an upcoming panel!

I'm glad you like him. I'll make sure to include him in upcoming pages.

While we wait on Page 3 to be started, here you have some character sketches I did for this story. One of them is none other than the pelican cop!



They all look very cool!

Glad you like them!

Thumbnail/pencils for Page 3!


I got carried away and the thumbnail turned into the penciled version, so I guess I kind of saved myself a step?