Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

LTTP but that tailor dummy idea is genius, Ravanon! I always struggle with costume design for characters.

Mario_Alba wrote:

My ambitious goal is to try to do the remaining three pages this coming week. We'll see what happens... :)

Ah, Weekend Mario --how naive you were!

The week is already taking unexpected turns, so I'll be happy if I manage to finish one page out of the three. At least I have a (lame) thumbnail for Page 2:


Interesting choice of location name

My wife and I visited Edinburgh and spent a few days driving around the Isle of Skye a few years ago, and as we were looking on the map we discovered Inverness, which we did not visit but to this day I still think it has to be the coolest name for a town ever, so I thought I'd use it. I might even do some research and try to portray some places from the town, but it probably won't be in these four pages. In any case, we'd love to go back to Scotland, and when we do, I'll insist on making Inverness part of the route. And hey, if any Scottish friends live nearby, we could even meet!

I mean if you want some photos just let me know, it's where I live

Nice! Well, the main character in the story owns a pub and we'll see the outside on Page 2. If there are any popular pubs in Inverness that I could/should use as reference, I'm all ears.

pyxistyx wrote:

LTTP but that tailor dummy idea is genius, Ravanon! I always struggle with costume design for characters.

Feel free to steal it. Though actually, I found the act of actually drawing the dummies (male and female) surprisingly frustrating. Suddenly, precise proportions and musculature (even just hinted at) become very important. I had to step away from them for a few days, just because I was going a bit mad.

This is a thing I drew over the last two days. The thing is a person, with a parasol.


Mario_Alba wrote:

Nice! Well, the main character in the story owns a pub and we'll see the outside on Page 2. If there are any popular pubs in Inverness that I could/should use as reference, I'm all ears.

hmm...not really a pub person but i can keep an eye out. have a few books of old local photos from past decades that might have some interesting stuff. I'll look them out next chance i remember!

I bet those books are awesome! Thanks

I finally had some time for the first time this week to sit and draw, and I'm working on the page right now. I've Googled some popular pubs in Inverness, and I've swiped the facade from Hootananny for the one panel I need the front of the pub right now. However, in my story it is called "The Happy Medium" because my puns are oh-so-clever.

I'll hopefully post my progress later today!

I forgot to mention it earlier: really cool lady, Ravanon!

Here's page 2, ready to be inked:


I'm less than stellar at drawing buildings, but it is so much fun!

Page 2 ready to be lettered!


That looks great.
Locke and Key spin off?

If only I was anywhere near as talented as Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez! But I'm glad you like it.

Here's the finished Page 2:


Now I need a short break to draw something for my wife for our wedding anniversary, and then I'll tackle page 3. Hopefully this weekend!

Yeah, yeah, I know what I said, but here's the thumbnail for Page 3:


But now for real --probably nothing else until the weekend!

Progress! Page 3 ready to be inked!


Work in progress:


And I think that's probably it for today. Hopefully, I can finish the page tomorrow.

Page 3 finished!


Only one page left!

How do you upload stuff you've inked on your tablet to the net or your PC?
I've tried emailing myself and the pic links are broken. If I try to do google drive it just spins waiting...

I've had some issues with that myself because the file seems to be corrupt sometimes, and I don't know why. What has mostly been working has been (in Sketchbook) to "Share picture with device" so that it can be saved, and then I go to my documents or images, "Share file," and email it to myself so that I can open it on my Mac. As I said, this has been working for the most part, but it sometimes doesn't and I can't figure out why.

I'm trying to decide which is the best one but I think it is a draw.

Mario_Alba wrote:

Page 3 finished!


Only one page left! :D

Guaranteed would be a better owner than the one the bar actually has


Page 4 is done, and so the story ends... for the time being!


I did not do a thumbnail for this page because I was pretty sure I knew what I wanted to do, and once I had penciled it I moved in with the inks straight away, so I don't have any pictures of the process. Oh, well.

Let's see what story I start next! I have three candidates, and I'm not sure which one to go with. And, of course, I still need to go back to The Cartographer to color it. Maybe soon?

Ian MacKellan as a force ghost?

Nice! I did look at a picture of him to draw the character, hahaha.

The suspenders give him away


I think I'll take today off drawing so that I can either finish Harley Quinn or watch Moon Knight, but I'll start the new story by the end of the week. I'm having a lot of fun drawing, but I swear I've barely had any time to play games or watch stuff ever since I started this in January!

On with the next story! Here's the thumbnail for Page 1 of The Foxhunt. It looks like this will be 8 pages long, and I am going to try to do the whole thing on my tablet, see what happens. It should be a nice learning experience!


The whole week went by and I didn't post any updates!

Well... I know I said I was going to start "The Foxhunt," but instead I started to color "The Cartographer," so here's the finished first page:


I'm on Spring Break, so I am going to try to be as productive as possible! Here's Page 2: