Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

Okay, here's the redrawn thumbnail for Page 3. I will not be this productive when I go back to work next week, so enjoy it while it lasts.


You know? I'm thinking it makes no sense for Dae to come down from the sky in that first panel when she actually swam to the floating piece of debris where Nordesson was. I'm going to have to rethink that.

Her clothes could be wet/soggy with some splashing for continuity?
You could also play with the physics a bit. If she used the board to launch from, it should be partially sunk from the force of the launch...

Yeah, everyone's supposed to be soaked top to bottom the whole time, but I don't know that I'm going to be able to really show it. Maybe I can do something when I'm coloring... or I can look at what J. Scott Campbell does on the prologue of Danger Girl. Isn't Abbey wet in that scene too? I remember lots of JSC's trademark lines everywhere on her clothes to indicate wetness. I'll have to go grab that (amazing) book from my shelf.

The board is a great detail. I'll have to include that in the second panel. The way I'm thinking to redo the first one we would see Dae pulling herself out of the water on the same board Nordesson is. Then I could make that board sink from the pressure on her side. Hmmm... HMMM...

Good observations, Fang!

The good news is, my porridge went could this morning as I continued to work on a revised character painting. I have a long way to go in terms of colour, shading, etc (as you’ll see when I eventually post it) but I’m very into the process, so much so it’s hard to get myself to stop, which is both surprising and encouraging.

I’ve decided not to do a comic strip. I have a novel I should be working on and my ideas for the strip weren’t particularly inspiring. I might hit on a new idea as I go. Instead I’m going to work up random character designs, a process I enjoy, and that should be a good way to learn and practice the basics.

The procreate book is paying off already. I’m a few pages in and I’m making my own brush sets and colour collections which really help. No doubt I could have learnt all this from a manual but I usually find those too dry. Hearing from folks who are actually using the programme creatively every day has a different feel.

Edit: Here it is. Ryth my elven monk from our latest D&D campaign. I need to find my style. I don’t think I’ll ever do clean lines. I probably need to be more sketchy/painterly.


Good to see and hear about your progress, Higgledy! Also, I'm glad you're happy with the book already --that's such a great feeling, right?

I'm not happy with my progress because I was pulled in a dozen different directions today and didn't do anything artistic. I blame the puppy we are fostering and how I had to watch her for a while and ended up being completely engrossed in the sixth volume of 20th Century Boys while I was doing so. I should have brought my sketchpad to the couch instead of that manga! It is so good, though...

Reworked the layout a little as I was going along. Page 3 shaping up nicely!


Page 3 ready to be colored!


Very nice. I particularly like the two characters leaping into the fight. You’re probably going to colour in the irises. I think that’ll help pick out the eyes and make them focal points.

Eeey. Just to prove i AM actually working on THINGS, here's a couple of upcoming maps from a new Queer-focused Pathfinder supplement.

one is a kobold-run Drag club, and the other is a femme lesbian only party barge!



Higgledy wrote:

Very nice. I particularly like the two characters leaping into the fight. You’re probably going to colour in the irises. I think that’ll help pick out the eyes and make them focal points.

Thank you! The two characters leaping were a lot of fun to draw! As for the coloring... we'll see what happens.

And pyxistyx, those look great! I especially like the colors in the first one.

My kid (13) showed me one of their latest drawings they did. They have come SO far in just a few years. Immensely proud of them.


That's some really good work by your kid, Fredrik_S. Good clean linework and effective stylisation.

Good to see more maps from pyxistyx. I liked the detail in the party barge of being able to 'walk the plank' into a private tub...

Higgledy's monk is good too! Regarding the linework, you might want to experiment with the stabilisation features (e.g. streamline) in the brush dynamics of Procreate to 'force' cleaner lines. You might also want to experiment with drawing lines in a colour other than pure black to get a less stark effect—I often use a very dark red instead around areas of skin. In fact, I notice Fredrik_S's kid is already doing something like this...

Mario is reliably being Mario (which is a good thing).

Incredible maps Pyxi.

Fantastic advice. Thanks Ravanon.

Very expressive Fredrik_S. Phenomenal work for that age (or any age.)

I agree with everyone, Fredrik_S: super cool drawing by your kid!

Ravanon wrote:

Mario is reliably being Mario (which is a good thing).

Best compliment ever.

Here's the thumbnail for Page 4. You can see classic signs of thumbnail exhaustion such as big faces (panels 2 and 3) and text describing what the sketch should be (panel 4), hahaha.


I've drawn Page 4 while on puppywatch on the couch. I hope that excuses any wonkiness in my figurework...


She bites my sketchbook every now and then. And my pants. And my neck.