Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

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God I love you people.

Any other community wrote:

What the hell is a ham prophecy? What does it mean? Why are you like this? This is stupid.

Goodjers wrote:

*cracks knuckles. Oh, yeah, let's do this.

You forgot the part where other communities would use that as an excuse to draw dicks.


Make sure that if you do go this route, if there is a dick and also a sun in the picture, that the shadow is accurately drawn as well. That's the sign of a true artist

DeThroned wrote:

That's the sign of a true artist :)

I feel like you haven’t been following my artistic career very closely...

This week's prompt is:

Wedding Falcon

Here is my submission for this week.



Such a great thread, so much talent in here. Just stumbled across it last weekend, and my kids had been expressing the desire to practice drawing more, so it seemed the perfect thing to make a family activity. Of course, I immediately got interrupted by logistical life stuff and never got back to my bare outline of a ham prophecy sketch, but my kids had fun with it.




I am told to put here that the second image depicts an ancient engraved ham entombed in its sacred fridge, and the engravings tell of a marvelous future invention - the grilled ham and cheese sandwich.

Looking forward to wedding falcon time this weekend!

those are great

I've been slacking this week for reasons mentioned above but as of next week i'm going to try to get back in the saddle with this and other stuff.

I’ve been in and out on work travel a lot the last couple of weeks and working long hours. Hoping to jump back in, in a week or two.

Here's mine!



Does the hippo have his fingers crossed?

I guess the better question is, can a hippo even cross his fingers?

Great work Mario!

Hahaha. No to both? I guess?

Glad you like it

This week's prompt is:

21st Birthday Shenanigans

Here's mine!


Orbital period of Ceres is 4 1/2 Earth years. It works.

Too funny, Ruhk!

This week's prompt is:

Wizard Spies.

ok. i need to get back into the swing of this again. been far too complacent this last few weeks.

Wizard Spies vs Wizard's Pies


I haven't enacted a lot of rules in this thread, but I'm tempted to censure you for the presence of a cake in a pie shop window.

It's a bakery, but the belly-button height street lamp is fine, right?

Edit: ...my idea kinda evolved.


Too funny, Vypre! Also, you beat me to it, because I was going to draw the spies from Spy vs Spy wearing wizard robes. I'll just have to come up with another idea .

Here's mine!

Sort of gave up halfway through this one but here it is:


Mario, apparently great minds think alike... You said I stole your Spy vs Spy idea and something like this with Harry Potter was my other idea!

vypre wrote:

Mario, apparently great minds think alike... You said I stole your Spy vs Spy idea and something like this with Harry Potter was my other idea! :D

Hahaha. For real! Obviously, this means we need to post our next drawing as fast as possible so that the other guy has to think of another idea, hahaha.

Happy Tuesday! PROMPT ME!!!

This week's prompt is:

Death By Chocolate