Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

Talking about being obnoxious, I hope Ravanon is okay with me posting my "deep wrinkles" before he posts his "melting armor," hahaha.


[Shakes fist furiously at the heavens.]

Yeah, I'm running late again. Working on it, when I've got time and inspiration.

Right! I've done it, just in time to get started on the next one!

My 'Melting Armour':


Nice! As usual, I really like those colors, particularly those magentas on the left.

Someone call?


That's what's just off-screen to the left.

I had a migraine today, so I've gotten no work done! Which means that I sat around drawing instead—so suddenly I'm caught up.

Here's my quick 'deep wrinkles':


Very cool! And I hope you're feeling better now.

I'm done early this week! Here's my "ouch!"