Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

The cloth stuff breaks pretty easily on the legs. A lot of the stuff has a huge gap of air underneath the skirts and then the skirt is 3x too thick to boot.

But that is some nice work! I really like a lot of the hidden details like your tail can hold gear as well:

Just one more:

I'm pretty sure the weekly drawing thread isn't the place for this (Maybe the Post a Picture - Something You Created thread?)
So I'll take my HF creation over there to share it...

Cool "living vehicle," Ravanon, and cool characters, fangblackbone!

Here you have my "Unproportional bodybuilder." The funny thing is I thought the prompt was just "unproportional," but I must have seen "bodybuilder" out the corner of my eye when I read it, because otherwise this is just too crazy a coincidence.


oh hey.

So this isn't a drawing challenge per-se but I've started an entry for a year-long "Megadungeonjam" on itch.io. Mostly i've just done some illustrations so far to...set the tone, as it were




I have every intention of having the Squidtopus use a Dubstep attack of some sort.

M is for Merida!


"Unproportional bodybuilder":


Niiiiice! As usual, I really like your colors, Ravanon!

Here's a couple of fanarts for you:

N is for Noa, the main character in Sky Doll, one of my favorite comics of all time:


And O is for Ofelia, a character in what's perhaps the most popular Spanish comic book series ever, Mortadelo y Filemón, a humorous take on spies and current events that still keeps coming out after more than fifty years, and that's been translated into multiple languages (it's apparently called "Mort & Phil" in English):


P is for... Princess Mononoke, from the famous Hayao Miyazaki movie I confess I still have not seen. Shame on me, I know.


Very much yes, shame on you. The good news is that one more shame and you can't get fooled again or something like that.

Haha, right. It is on HBO Max, and I do want to watch it --I just need to find the time!

And here's my "pillow fort" for this week's prompt!


Very nice!

Here's mine. It's less well fortified, but with more ducks holding rifles:


Never underestimate the power of ducks holding rifles!

It looks awesome. I really like the boy's facial expression.

Q is for... Queen Amidala!


R is for... Red Monika, from Battle Chasers, one of my favorite comics of all time, and my favorite video game I played last year.


"Beautiful tune" coming tomorrow... I hope!

Red Monika is awesome!
She is sadly hyper sexualized but her style is terrific otherwise.
I was inspired to make a quick and dirty heroforge version of her:

I agree with everything you said. Also, cool Monika!

Eldritch foundry had better clothing but sadly no color
Better colored...

I definitely like those colors better!

Yeah. The first time I just picked a scheme and chose a different hair color. And even that hair color sucked. I wanted to go a little more red with the latest one but it would wash out the highlights/shadows.

Using Hero Forge for custom minis in some future (in-person!) D&D campaign looks quite appealing, though maybe not for those campaigns where I burn through about five different characters. (I can be quite lackadaisical about heroic sacrifices sometimes...)

In regular 'SculptJanuary' news, I've already finished my 'Beautiful Tune':


Awesome stuff, Ravanon!

I got distracted by several things (mostly Persona 5), so I didn't get to draw my "beautiful tune," which I am now hoping to do tomorrow. Instead, I did a quick fan art drawing for S, which is for Selina Kyle, Batman Returns version.


Here's my "beautiful tune." I had so much fun with this one.


T is for Takamaki, from Persona 5.