Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

That is awesome. You always make me want to spend more time on my drawings so that they look better!

Here's my first ABC fan art drawing. I'm going to try to do one a week, and I'm going to try to draw characters I've never drawn before, so let's see what happens. Starting with the letter A, we have Arcee:


Yeah that seems to be a paired down bundle from a few months ago. The other one included corelDraw but just a 6 month subscription. It is funny that I have gotten painter and pinnacle from other bundles in the past year or year and a half.

That is not to say that it isn't a good deal. It is definitely a terrific bundle.

Here's my drawing for this week's prompt, "magic gate." It looks a little too light, but I can never get markers to scan properly...


Fearsome! Mine is less fearsome.

"Magic gate":


That is awesome!

The next prompt is "uncontrollable hair," which sounds like it should be like a lot of fun. Before that, though, I'll try to draw my fan art for B. I've already chosen my character!

oh hey, i found five minutes to draw something that isn't a commission or map!

Made a start on that fan-art ABC...

A...is for Aeryn Sun (naturally)



B is for... Buffy!


Great show and great choice! I drew mine yesterday and will try to color it today. It has nothing to do with Buffy except for the fact that it is also a girl...

That is one of your best yet!
It is certainly in my top three favorites of your work.

My B is for Brea, from the amazing Netflix show The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.


C is for Cassandra Pentaghast!


D is for... Dana Scully!


You are unstoppable!

Also The X-Files might just be my favorite show of all time, so great choice!

I'm going to slip in amongst this barrage of (excellent) fanart and post early my image for the prompt "uncontrollable hair":


Very cool, Ravanon! All that long, dark hair reminds me of The Grudge.

I drew my "C" yesterday, and I'll see if I can color it today. I'm still trying to decide what to do for my "uncontrollable hair," but that one will probably have to wait until after I do my traditional Valentine's Day picture for my wife. What a busy week!

I am envious of that hair in BOTH senses of the term.

C is for Cammy!


Not part of challenges, but i've been drawing the characters in my Rime of the Frostmaiden Group.

First up, my own character, Lady Esme Frey - Medusa, artist and Paladin of Lathander...


And secondly, one of her companions, Arit the Fey Warlock Satyr. She's...not feeling the cold as much as the rest of us! (The rat is Rat)


Here's my "uncontrollable hair.' I think it looks more like "hair" and less like "uncontrollable," but what can you do...


D is for Dana Sterling, from the comic book Robotech: Remix. She might have appeared in other Robotech books, but Remix is the first Robotech comic book I've ever read, despite loving the original cartoon back when I was in middle school.


Here's my "luxurious garment." Perhaps I'm stretching it a bit (again), but hey --it might just be that luxury is relative! My puppy definitely thinks her blanket is luxurious.


I have something similar to sling over my shoulders when I'm sitting in a cold office...

My "luxurious garment":


Lots of little details not quite right on this one, though I think the overall composition is okay (at least, I'm not going to dwell on it any further this week).


Also i want that dress. (and the shape to properly do the dress justice, but one out of two wouldn't be bad)

Very cool, Ravanon, and definitely more luxurious than my ratty blanket!

Here's my latest entry for the fanart challenge: E is for... Empowered, the main character in Adam Warren's amazing (and long-running) series.


And now I'm slipping in another early entry, this time for 'Relentless motion':



Did I just take an drawing I'd just finished anyway and added a snail to make it fit the prompt? Of course not! How dare you.

Hahaha! Excellent! Love her face, and the snail is pretty cool too.

I'm planning on drawing mine this afternoon. In the meantime, here's my ABC Fanart: F is for Fennec Shand!


Since I suck at coloring in any and all media, I thought I'd buy some watercolor markers to play with and suck at, and I drew my "relentless movement." Regardless of the results, I had so much fun!


The fanart drawings continue! G is for Gully, from Joe Madureira's amazing Battle Chasers comic book. Also, my second round with the watercolor markers, much nicer than the previous one, I think.