Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

Today I have a day of Zoom meetings, which means I'm able to doodle while I listen, which explains this second version of "satellite." It also explains how I had time to do the first one earlier today.


Very nice. If there's one good thing to come out of long conference calls, it's the opportunity to do some doodling. Gives your hands something to do other than repeatedly rearrange your desk area.

Looks like the next prompt is 'hurt'.

For real. I definitely pay more attention to what I'm listening to if I'm drawing so, as a teacher, it is hard for me to tell a student to stop doodling if I catch them doing so, haha.

As for the prompt, hmmm...

I'm super early this week with "hurt."


And I'm super early again! This week's prompt, "stairs," was posted yesterday, and I'm already done! It is a quick one, though, because I just wanted to play with the brush for a while. The next one will be more elaborate... maybe.


Argh! Late again! But I will catch up...

...starting with my 'hurt':


Will 'Stairs' be the prequel to this image?!



Hurt indeed! Very nice.

And here's my 'stairs':


That looks awesome, Ravanon!

I just saw the next prompt is "yawn." Only four more after that one!

I'm early again! I'm trying to get "other drawings" out of the way so that I can try to do a late Inktober month in December, so this "yawn" ended up being a quick affair:


My 'yawn':


I think I got the proportions slightly off on this one, but onwards!

Mario_Alba wrote:

Only four more after that one!

The end is in sight!

The coloring of the skin is particularly exceptional in that drawing.

fangblackbone wrote:

The coloring of the skin is particularly exceptional in that drawing.


Just like I said a couple of months ago, I wasn't going to be able to do Inktober in October, but I didn't want to break my five-year streak and so I thought I could do it in December, when I would have more time. Well, the time has come (not that this week is particularly light on work, but hey, it's the first of the month), and this is my crazy idea:

I thought I would try to do an ongoing story for the whole month to practice both storytelling and drawing speed, but I have no idea what is going to happen in the story from day to day, so the developments in the tale will depend on what I feel like drawing that day (or the time I have), or (and here's the exciting part) on any ideas or crazy suggestions you friends have. So, if you would like to play along, feel free to post whatever you would like to happen in the story the next day, and I'll see how I can work it in. No promises, though, but I'll try to incorporate what you come up with so that we can all have fun. And if you don't suggest anything, or if I end up having time to draw before there are any suggestions, then I'll draw whatever comes to mind that particular day. So, all that said, here's the first installment (of hopefully thirty-one) of "December Deadline," a make-it-up-as-you-go tale in which everything is permitted:


I think a dragon should show up downtown. I like dragons.

Ravanon wrote:

I think a dragon should show up downtown. I like dragons.

I think you are absolutely right --a dragon should show up! I'll make it happen.

Until then, here you have today's installment:


Here you have today's installment: