Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

If only Skyrim characters only looked like that I probably would have played it a lot longer. I think I put less than 5 hours into that game. I put more hours into Oblivion and Morrowind despite characters looking so much uglier too.

They need to remake Arena in 3D. They had some really interesting concepts and mechanics in that game. And it wasn't a dry and bloated open world either.


jeez this one was tough to come up with something (prompt was "friendship" modifier 'ghostly')


almost forgot to post 11!



Aha! According to a miscellaneous Twitter message from the start of September I missed (or forgot?), the Inktober 52 prompts for October are prompts 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 of the Inktober 2020 prompt list. Hence why I couldn't find them when I looked.

So all I have to do is cleverly retcon my Skyrim portrait from last week to meet with the first prompt and I'm good. Let's see... 'fish'...

(Looks back at last week's picture.)

...well, crap.

Anyway, the prompt for this week (already mostly over) would have been 'teeth'. And from Thursday on, 'outpost'. Let's see if I can find the time and inspiration to get back on track.

By the way, really impressed by the creativity of some of your cursed item designs, pyxistyx.

Good to know! I had missed that message as well... Better get to thinking on what to draw for "teeth," then...


Here's my "teeth." I think "outpost" is going to be way harder...


my winning streak is broken! I'm too knackered to do another one this evening , though i have an idea in mind for no 14 (shadow, abandoned). I'll work on that tomorrow and see if i have time to fit in another as well. My personal target is to get at least 20 done by the end of the month so from that perspective i'm well ahead!

Hi, so I made a post about a thing, here. Just in case anyone can help out (though please do not feel obligated to do so, it's hardly a life or death matter!)

Help me (pyxistyx) level up my laptop!

I decided to combine this week's 'teeth' with last week's 'fish', to do the one thing that most obviously jumps to mind:


Very nice, and very good idea!

I've been thinking about "outpost" while I work on a drawing for my wife's birthday. As soon as I'm done with it, I'll start with the outpost one.

I just want to say that this is one of my favorite threads on GWJ. I love ALL of the artwork, and I'm so impressed by the imagination and talent here. I've been wanting to make this post for a while now, but Mario, your "Teeth" was just so cute I had to post.

Thank you all for sharing your talent with us!

Thank you, SillyRabbit! I'm glad you liked it.

Here's the drawing I did for my wife's birthday. It features several of the animals we saw (and she photographed) at the Knoxville Zoo a few weeks ago.


And here's in color:


Love it! The animals look so so enamored of her! And she looks kind of wild.

Right on both accounts, hahaha!

Glad you like it.

Here's my "outpost":


I meet your Mad Max vibe with my more traditional mountain 'outpost':


Very cool! I really like how you colored the mountains.

I don't know why, but I could only think of sci-fi settings for this picture, so I went with the post-apocalyptic vibe.

Now the next one is "chef," if I remember correctly. It's funny, because I'm reading the Food Wars! manga right now, so all I can think of is characters from that series. I will not draw any of them, though!

Here's my "chef." I was going to color it, but I don't think I'll have time. Halloween drawing coming soon!


Here's my 'chef'. Honestly, I'm not too happy with it, and meant to do something more, but I'm running late and don't want to get stuck on one prompt. Onwards!


Nice! He kind of reminds me of a friend of mine, haha.

Anyway, my furry kids Duncan, Rosey, Annie, and Hazel wish you all a Happy Halloween!


This is all I have time and energy for this week --a quick sketch of "shoes."


I think everyone is a little... distracted this week.

Here's my 'shoes':


I believe next week (or later today, or whenever the prompt gets posted) we're back to the regular dedicated prompts.

Very nice, Ravanon! I think this one is one of my favorites you've done!

As for the regular prompts, I believe you are right. Let's see when it ends up being posted...

EDIT: It was just posted. The prompt is "satellite."

An early one (for me) this week.



It's Sputnik, of course. An opportunity to mess around a bit with some different brushes for the surface of the satellite as well as for the planet beneath.

That looks amazing, Ravanon!

I'm hoping to draw mine tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Here's my "satellite." I was going to color it... but I don't see it happening.