Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread


yeah i think upside down works great!

I agree that the upside down positioning draws the viewer in more.

Thanks guys. Upside down it shall stay.

This week's (last week's?! Urgh...) picture for 'sandy':


Next is UFO, apparently.

It is UFO, and here's mine!


Also, very cool drawing, Ravanon!

And also, I second your "urgh." I wish these prompts came out on Monday instead of Thursday, because it makes the "this week/last week" label very confusing.

Just a quick drawing this week for 'UFO':


Very cool!

I just saw this week's prompt is "tail." What with getting ready to start the semester and other things keeping me busy, I don't know when I'm going to have time to draw it, but hopefully I'll find a few minutes here and there...