Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

Ravanon wrote:

I'm late, I'm very very late...



can't possibly be any later than me at this point!

excellent as always tho'

That looks awesome, Ravanon!

Here's my "lunar" for this week:


They still haven't posted this week's prompt on Twitter, but it is on Instagram: "half."

Sorry for the triple post, but here's my "half." I hope to see your "lunar" and "half" soon, friends!


I'm slightly less late now? Maybe?

In any case, my "lunar":


I'll do my "half", um, sometime soon I hope.

sooooo behiiiiind again. D:

Still stuck on Blue. And by stuck i mean i haven't had the time or energy to go back and work on it between other things.

Ravanon's brain wrote:

Hey, if last week's prompt was 'half', then I can catch up by only doing half a picture! Genius! Bwa-ha-haha-ha!

So, (ahem) here is my 'half':


For bonus points, this could pass as a character portraint for my half-elf in one of my D&D games.

Which leaves me with this week's prompt, 'eyes' still to do.

Genius indeed!

Stumbled on this thread yesterday. So many amazing talented folks here! Not sure if I’m on current prompt or not, but I saw “half” and the idea of a Jurassic Park style Rex alongside a more vibrant; bright bird based creative take struck.

Your text to link here...

looks good! and don't worry the prompts are VERY much open to a wide interpretation so no problems there

I really need to get my butt in gear and get back to these, i'm still WAAAY behind.

Very nice, Zoso1701! Looks very textured!

I saw this week's prompt yesterday: "eyes," and I had an idea, but haven't had time to draw it yet because I've been busy finishing a commission. A nice problem to have!

I spent a lazy morning just drawing and listening to the 11 O'Clock Comics podcast, and had a wonderful time. I drew my origina idea for "eyes," and then I did a second take:



This one looks like some kind of two-legged beholder of some sort, I think.

I also did a third drawing, but it has nothing to do with the prompt, so I'll post it somewhere else.

All in all, a very productive couple of hours!

The symmetry in the white tiger is fab; your eye monster has personality for daaaaays. Almost as much as the eyes its got.

Thanks! Glad you like them!

My 'Eyes':


Struggled a bit for inspiration for this one, and ended up with something faintly disturbing. Oh well...

Just to show how far the Apple falls from the tree, this is a recent work from my 19yo daughter:


DANG, she's good!

She’s VERY good. She’s finishing up cosmetology school right now, but plans to enlist in the Air Force in the near future to pick up the GI Bill and eventually attend art school in Europe. I think her end goal is to be a Manga/Anime artist.

That looks great! Best of luck to her!

I don't know whether art school in Europe or elsewhere is going to help her become a manga artist.
I am a fan of art schools but enlisting in the military to pay for it, while commendable, seems overly harsh unless she feels compelled to serve her country or hopes to use the service to spend time overseas.

When it is safe to go back to school in person, a more direct route would be to take art classes at a community college, saving up some money from cosmetology work and using that for a European trip.

And if manga is her game then she can take Japanese at the CC too. Or look at an English teaching job there.

I won’t get into all the details, but suffice to say the military enlistment is a plus on all accounts.

The poor choice, in my opinion, was accruing student debt and attending cosmetology school for a year when she knew she was going to enlist and eventually go to art school in Europe. Her thought process there was she’s already really good at make up and wanted to learn to do hair.

On that note, she’s not really concerned about learning anime/manga either as she’s already really talented at both. Art school in Europe is just one of her life goals she wants to accomplish before she becomes a full time artist.

That makes sense.
Art is tough. If you practice what you know you can and will to at least some degree get left behind.
The industry changes. Needs change. The tools change. So it sounds like she has a solid plan but know that every year or two taking a class or two will be very beneficial to her.

Side note: cosmetology will absolutely help her art so it is not a waste at all. You are basically painting faces and learning hair forms will be extremely beneficial to drawing hair. That is hard to do other than simple bobs and crew cuts and will help her art stand out.

fangblackbone wrote:

Side note: cosmetology will absolutely help her art so it is not a waste at all. You are basically painting faces and learning hair forms will be extremely beneficial to drawing hair. That is hard to do other than simple bobs and crew cuts and will help her art stand out.

That makes sense - I hadn’t thought of it in those terms. Thank you.

Here's my "wires" for this week's prompt:


Mario beats me on number of brightly coloured wires connected to a robot/android/gynoid.

My 'Wires':


HAHAHA! Great minds think alike .

Awesome work, Ravanon!

I finished "blue"!


Strangely for someone who likes to draw animals and outdoors scenes, I think this is the prompt I've struggled with the most so far. In any case, here's my "garden."


Mario_Alba wrote:

In any case, here's my "garden."

Something about those gnomes makes me smile.

And now, having gotten 'wires' in early, I'm late again. Nevertheless, here's my 'garden':


Random question. For 'artistic' reasons, I decided to have the woman oriented upside-down in the image, but now I can't decide whether that was actually a good idea, or whether the image is better oriented the other way. Any opinions?

This has to be one of my favorite drawings by you so far, Ravanon!

To answer your question, having her upside down makes the image more striking, in my opinion, because the orientation is not as usual.

Finally, talking about being early, that is me this week with "sandy," which you can see right here: