Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

nothing in the rules saying you can't have a do-over!

Better a good idea today than a great one tomorrow!
That said, yeah, when you have a great idea but you've already implemented your good one, you feel a little like "If only I had waited!"
That said, I don't see any rules preventing someone from submitting multiple renditions of the topic, right? And I know we all have lots of free time, right?

Edit: pyxistyx beat me to it, hahaha.

I didn't think it was "against the rules". I'm having more of a Harold and Kumar sort of moment.

Anyway, it was more of a general question about your art in general than specific to the thread.

not really? maybe with commissioned pieces sometimes where I suddenly think of a better way of approaching things after i'm too far into it. I guess the closest I came was during my degree stuff where i felt like i didn't have enough time to go back and make some changes i thought would improve things a lot.

In general though, if it's something like this then i can always go back and modify / redraw a thing if I think of a better idea, and it's all good practice.

Not even sorry...


pyxistyx wrote:

Not even sorry...


Here's mine!