Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread

nothing in the rules saying you can't have a do-over!

Better a good idea today than a great one tomorrow!
That said, yeah, when you have a great idea but you've already implemented your good one, you feel a little like "If only I had waited!"
That said, I don't see any rules preventing someone from submitting multiple renditions of the topic, right? And I know we all have lots of free time, right?

Edit: pyxistyx beat me to it, hahaha.

I didn't think it was "against the rules". I'm having more of a Harold and Kumar sort of moment.

Anyway, it was more of a general question about your art in general than specific to the thread.

not really? maybe with commissioned pieces sometimes where I suddenly think of a better way of approaching things after i'm too far into it. I guess the closest I came was during my degree stuff where i felt like i didn't have enough time to go back and make some changes i thought would improve things a lot.

In general though, if it's something like this then i can always go back and modify / redraw a thing if I think of a better idea, and it's all good practice.

Not even sorry...


pyxistyx wrote:

Not even sorry...


Here's mine!


Happy Tuesday!!!

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give PROMPT! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

This week's prompt is:

Dylan the Bathroom Monster

Dylan, Bathroom Monster - Destroyer of Worlds, Defiler of Peace


lol. I'm sensing a theme

pyxistyx wrote:

lol. I'm sensing a theme


Props to trichy for inspiring "Dylan".

My first thought was my stick boy pretending to be a monster attacking a rubber ducky, but...

1.) I can't draw a rubber ducky with Paint.

Edit: actually, I can do a cartoony 2D profile, but the terrified ducky in my head was true to rubber ducky form and I have no clue how to do something like that with MS Paint. Particularly the ducky's facial expression.

2.) It seemed a tad too "Calvin and Hobbes".

vypre wrote:

2.) It seemed a tad too "Calvin and Hobbes".

Bill Watterson doesn't believe in licensing, so you're good to go!

I'm late posting, mainly because I'm unhappy with how grim this one turned out. It was a fun challenge though.

So: Spelling Bee Cage Match
(caption reads: "...m...b...a...r. Armbar." or something similar.)

Noice . Very dramatic!

Very funny, vypre!
And very nice, PewPewRobo! I like the volume you created with the different tones!


Super cool, pyxistyx! Really like the colors!

And here's mine!

Where's a good "host" sight for uploading pictures?

Cool. Just spotted this thread... Will try and get involved.

MaxShrek wrote:

Where's a good "host" sight for uploading pictures?

I've been using Imgur for these three drawings. I don't how how good it is, but so far it doesn't seem bad...

A lot of services - including Imgur (at least on mobile) don't provide an easy way to generate direct jpeg links anymore and the GWJ website doesn't recognize them as pictures. I've ended up using Google drive with a subfolder opened up for sharing, but even then I have to jump through a few hoops to get a direct link. It's been more than mildly infuriating.

I switched to using postimage when imgur started restricting mobile use.

This is a joy every week! Pyxi, your color use is inspired. And Mario, I don’t know how but that D necklace pushes the comedy of your scene to 11 for me. The suction on that plunger is too real. I tried to be more casual with this week. I imagine this fellow humming “All Along the Watchtower” to itself.

Glad you like it!

This week's prompt is:

The Final Sunset

Nice prompt! Like 'Nighttime Raid', it's focused but there's plenty of angles from which to approach idea generation...to work! (or play!)