Weekly Drawing Prompt Thread


So in order to keep myself moving forward with my artwork, I'm going to start posting an art prompt each Tuesday. If you want to participate, let me know, and if you'd like to share your weekly creations, it's always amazing to see what the more talented Goodjers can generate. Pencil, ink, digital, pen, paint, sculpture, Etch-a-Sketch, all mediums are welcome. It's just an excuse to keep creating. Interpret the prompt as loosely or literally as you like.

The prompt list so far:

Nighttime Raid.
Spelling Bee Cage Match
Dylan the Bathroom Monster
The Final Sunset
The Ham Prophecy
Wedding Falcon
21st Birthday Shenanigans
Wizard Spies
Death by Chocolate
Echo Chamber
Submersible Refreshments

I will try to join as much as I can.

IN. Definitely in.

*puts artin' and thinkin' cap on*

Awesome! I will try to play too.

I like that any art medium/style is good.

Having said that, I will be traveling later this week, so my first attempt might be Week 2, unless I just do something super fast while on the road.

just checking in to say I AM working on something (and to bump the thread up a bit) ! It's taking a bit of time though 'cause of other stuff i had on. Will hopefully be done with it tomorrow!

It seems like damn near everyone in my family, except for me and including my kids, has crazy artistic talent. But... this sounds like fun, so I’ll join along and play to my (mis)talents.


Anyone is welcome, regardless of skill level!

Ok. Prompt 1 : Night Time Raids...


Holy crap. The bar has been set high, people...


But really the bar is entirely variable depending on the individual

Real fear.


Edit: Oh for crying out loud... can somebody suggest a good way to host my pic?!

Edit 2: FINALLY!!!

i just upload it to my wordpress blog then link it that way. *shrug*

@vypre , is that a scene from Salems Lot?

pyxistyx wrote:

@vypre , is that a scene from Salems Lot?

No. It's a scene from at least one day... er, night in the life of every parent ever. Also, Murphy's Law plainly states that 9-out-of-10 of these scenarios end with "Daddy" being the ungrateful recipient of a knee to the jewels.

Night Raid - Paper wasp's nest photo edited in Capture One, then run through a paint filter in Photoshop:

spooky! :O

I’ve enjoyed seeing all the things everyone posts here for years; finally I am diving in to make something myself. Thanks Trichy for instigating this with a great prompt, and to everyone else for being inspiring! It’s been long enough since I drew regularly that digital technology has completely changed, so this is my first finished work using Adobe Sketch with a tablet and stylus. Had a lot of fun with it!

oooo. very nice. Moody

Very cool stuff, everyone!

I love drawing, but I've been rather unmotivated of late (read: the past several months). I just discovered this thread, and I think I'm going to join in and force myself to do something! Let's see if I can draw something tomorrow before the new prompt is up!

Well, I don't love it, but it was done during a meeting with a couple of ballpoint pens. Also, I started this thread. It'd be kind of odd if I didn't participate.


very nice!

Here's mine!

Love em all; great work everybody and kudos to trichy for being our moderator and providing the fun idea ! Can’t wait to see the motivation for our next assignment tomorrow!

Let's get weird. This week's prompt is:

Spelling Bee Cage Match

lol, ok - on it!

might be an idea to add a list of prompts with shortcut links to the first post , linking to each new prompt so people can jump through the thread later, too

A challenge!
I accept. (And can’t wait to see all the results!)

pyxistyx wrote:

lol, ok - on it!

might be an idea to add a list of prompts with shortcut links to the first post , linking to each new prompt so people can jump through the thread later, too

Good idea. Done.


got in there quick this time vypre!
(the link's broken on-site but it opens in a new window)

pyxistyx wrote:

got in there quick this time vypre!
(the link's broken on-site but it opens in a new window)

Yeah, I’m working on it. Same issues as last time. I don’t understand why image hosting apps have made it so damn hard to post direct links with a proper file extension.

Edit: ...and got it. Again. Maybe I'll remember the obtuse way I had to make it happen next time.

Anybody else get artist's remorse? I'm looking at my spelling bee cage match now thinking I should have had:

1.) Bee #1 throwing a "P-U-N-C-H".
2.) Bee #1 performing a flying body "S-L-A-M".
3.) Bee #1 smashing Bee #2 over the head with a folding "C-H-A-I-R". (My personal favorite)