How Was Your Weekend?

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

This thread is a catch-all to share with the group what you did over the weekend (or your weekly break from work, whenever that might be.)

Did you play any good games? Hit any concerts? Read a good book? Cook a new recipe or discover a new cocktail? Or you just simply need to vent about how bummed you are to be back at work? Here's the place to share it.

I discovered two great shops this weekend for spirits. The first was a somewhat out-of-the-way beverage distributor that has an enormous amount of craft beers and ciders. My wife and I recently got into ciders and we’re stoked to have found so many in one place. Way worth the short drive.

The second was a liquor store right in my town, that I didn’t even know about, that has a huge selection of bourbon! There were brands there that I have never heard of before. I’m going to have fun shopping there and I will certainly be hitting up the whisky thread to ask for help.

I also played way too much Assassin's Creed: Origins. Holy smokes that game is awesome.

I took a friend to get her first tattoo. Her dog of 15 years passed away a few months ago, so she got her paw tattooed on her inner arm. We also ate some truly spectacular burgers cooked up at a local butcher, and then got extremely drunk and played Mario Kart.

I played several fun games of King Domino with my niece and brother in law.

This weekend (August 23-25) is the Denver Mod show at the National Western Complex. LINK
Normally I don't get too worked up over these things, but this year's theme is Atomic Age, which I love.

Put on your gas masks and get ready to duck and cover, because this year's Denver Mod is the bomb!

I should probably leave Dogmeat at home.

I already forgot I created this thread! I created then updated once, and then went on vacation!

I went out to the east end of Long Island for a few days with my wife. Lots of seafood, lots of drinks, lounging at the hotel pool, and catching up on some reading.

Funny story: my wife and I have been on a hard cider kick ever since we visited two cider houses on Long Island a couple of years ago. One of these cider houses (Riverhead Cider House) had a cherry cider that we loved, but sadly they haven't had it since. Earlier in the summer, we found a local beverage distributor that had tons of ciders - one of them a cherry cider (McKenzie's) that was also fantastic. Cut to last week, and we stop by the Riverhead Cider House on our way out east. As we always do, we ask if/when they are going to have that cherry cider again. Instead of the "not sure" and "maybe this fall" answers we've gotten in the past, this time we got a a different story. The bartender we were chatting with tells us, "that's funny, everyone thought that was ours, but is was really just McKenzie's!"

Anyhoo, now that I'm back to work this week (boo!) I'm back to intermittent fasting and have started meditating again after several months off. Fired up the Strides app again to keep me on track.

Last weekend was a movies weekend (AMC A-List is the greatest thing ever)

Good Boys - completely inappropriate and hilarious
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - Pretty good. Not the greatest horror movie but enjoyable
The Kitchen - Loved it

Celebrated my neighbor's birthday by going out to eat and getting a cake

Went to a watch party Sunday night to watch Atlanta United beat Portland Timbers (MLS).

Overall quite a busy weekend.

Worked at Minnesota Renaissance Festival Friday then went and wondered around the festival Sunday. First time in 25 years I have gone out as a patron. The last time was 1994 as a freshman in college before I started working there.

This weekend I'll be helping my friends that own Fallout Shelter Arcade who are taking some of the Battletech pods to 2D Con.