GWJFFL 2019: Registration

I have no problem leaving my veto, not that it matters. Trading a player who broke records last year (in an offense tailored to get him lots of targets from here until the end of time) for a guy who might be fantasy starting worthy just seems like a bad deal.

Not bring the house down bad deal, but not exactly the most balanced.

I mean I'd also rather have Ryan Fitzpatrick and Case Keenum than a 10th round dynasty pick, but I sympathize. I'm still struggling after 2 years to get my team to a point where it feels like mine and not a pile of stuff that I've inherited. It sucks having a bunch of players you didn't pick.

Who can I talk to get on fleaflicker if y'all are doing trades already. Just curious about what's available.

nubslovecake wrote:

Who can I talk to get on fleaflicker if y'all are doing trades already. Just curious about what's available.


Also, not sure "doing trades" is the most apt description of this league. I've done plenty, which is why I've been able to build my team from the scrap heap I inherited to where I only have 2 players from that original team left over, but I can't recall the last trade that didn't involve me as one of the teams. (edit: I looked it up. The only trade of any consequence since I've been in the league that didn't involve me was Legions' robbery of Mahomes, Gurley, and Jax D for Rodgers.) Aaron Jones was actually a specific target of mine from 2 years ago and one of the first trades I made to acquire. I truly do believe he'll be an RB1 this year. I just have so many RBs that he wasn't needed as much as a good TE.


With it looking likely that Pro/Tebow will be drafting on Friday night at 10 Eastern, we really need the last 3 that have not joined to do so asap: legion, erichoya, and bill_bonney.

I'll pick for Legion.

I joined Sleeper.

Last couple people haven't responded so we'll just go with the times I mentioned earlier. 10pm Eastern Friday for Pro; 10pm Eastern Tuesday for Dynasty.

Pro still needs Legion and Erichoya to join so that draft can happen and I can randomize the draft order.

Dynasty seems to have everyone's keepers selected so I'll get that moved over either tomorrow or Monday and set up the 10 round supplemental draft since no one felt strongly about there or keeper, may as well start getting used to sleeper.

I'm going to be pretty busy / out of town for the most part from tomorrow afternoon through Monday afternoon so it would be nice to be able to get things set up tonight...

Would appreciate people looking at the scoring settings and whatnot to make sure I didn't miss something.

Looks like we can't customize the schedules until after the draft so assuming people want to do like we have in the past with divisional matchups the first weeks and last weeks of the season, I'll make those changes before the season starts.

Also, on divisions in Pro, does anyone care to make the divisions line up as much as possible with the teams from last year or just go as it automatically organized them now? All but one have joined so you can see who is currently slated for your division. I can change them to more closely match last year if people care.

Dynasty keepers tentatively imported. I have not hit submit yet so you won't see them on your teams, but the list looks like the below. Please double-check your team to make sure it is correct before I hit submit, probably later tonight or tomorrow.


Looks good for my team.

Should never have let Josh Reynolds hit the WW, dammit. Really thought I'd be able to sneak him back on my roster.

Everyone is now in for Pro.

Anyone figure out how to set up custom ranks? Best I can see is adding people to the queue.

Is the Pro draft set for 7pm Friday August 30 Pacific time? the timer seems to indicate so, but I guess I'm little surprised its that late for our east coast owners.

Carlbear95 wrote:

Is the Pro draft set for 7pm Friday August 30 Pacific time? the timer seems to indicate so, but I guess I'm little surprised its that late for our east coast owners.

Yes, 7pm Pacific (and even 7:30 Pacific) was the only time everyone who responded to the when is good survey could do.

ok cool. I'm pacific so no harm for me

I thought the Jones/Kittle trade got vetoed?

By two people. Needs five vetoes.

Alright, I am finally back.

Redraft got all of 5 sign-ups, so I don't see any way of that league going through.

Gonzo is much closer at 10 (when including me). We could run it as a 10 team league (it is Gonzo after all), but are there any others willing to throw in and join the madness?

If not, I'll start preparing the league tonight - after the Tebow draft, I see!

If we go through with the Vampire rule, that'd add another team.

GONZO OWNERS: Select your preferred draft times

I'll PM the Sleeper league invite out later today.

Alright it's looking like a Wednesday night draft for Gonzo. I'll schedule for sure in a little bit, if anyone wants to squeeze in their response.

PM-ing league invites.

Anyone want me/legion to change the schedules in pro and dynasty so that we have unbalanced against division opponents? It looks like it would just entail changing week 11/12 to be against a division foe.

Gonzo will be drafting Wednesday, 9pm ET / 6pm PT

We still have a few people that need to get joined into the league.

I will draw the rule modifications tonight and post here.

Just saw that Jacoby Brissett is available in Dynasty for tonight's draft. Curious where he goes as the dude is a starting QB for the foreseeable future, unless you think Matt Cassel is expected to do anything other than hold a clipboard.

Oh snap, LeSean McCoy is out there too. Fun stuff!

*Legion* wrote:

I will draw the rule modifications tonight and post here.

Sure would be nice to know what the rules are ahead of time.

Alright, I've drawn the Gonzo rules for this year

Out of Vacation Days - All players must be cut during their bye week. They cannot be claimed via waivers until the following week. (manual enforcement)

Aguayo! - Half normal points per FG/XP. 10 points for any missed kick
AIR IT OUT (ukickmydog) - Starting lineup: 2 QB, 2 RB, 5 WR/TE, 1 PK, 1 D/ST. No points for rushing yards. No points for D/ST fumble recoveries but 4 points for INTs.

E for Effort (oldmanscene) - 0.5pt per incomplete pass
The Rob Johnson Rule - 3pt per sack taken
So Favre, So Good (Eammes) - 0pt per INT

Once again if I tell fantasy players outside of this group about these rules, they're going to think we've collectively lost our damn minds.

This year will definitely be the opposite of last year, where rosters were so restricted that there was no movement. The bye week massacres are gonna be a sight.

These rules are intriguing to me... much moreso than last year which just wasn't fun.

Are you still looking for others to join? I may be interested... haha.

We're still waiting on erichoya and Blisters to join Gonzo. If one of them doesn't get in by tomorrow, we just might have a spot needing filling.

Or if someone else that wasn't previously signed up also wants in, we could bump the league back up to 12 teams.

I've joined Gonzo

Alright, it's draft day and Blisters hasn't shown. Gonzo invite PMd to ukick.