Auto Chess Genre Catch All

I can't describe what this damn game is. Just read:

All I know is I love it.

Are there enough people playing one of these games to have it's own thread? I know I am juggling three of them: Underlords, Auto Chess, and Chess Rush. I'll give Team Fight Tactics a shot if it ever comes to mobile.

I haven't had much time for games these past few weeks, but I've squeezed in time for Team Fight Tactics whenever I could. I'm quite surprised by how much I've been enjoying it.

I have Dota Underlords downloaded for mobile, but I haven't had a chance to try any auto battler besides TFT yet. I went with that one because I played LoL for many years, so I figured some familiarity with the starting units would help lessen the learning curve. Plus, I still have fondness for many of these characters, so it was an easy in.

TFT seems to separate itself from the other auto battlers by using a grid system, periodic draft stages where players take turns picking champions and items from a rotating carousel to fill out their team, and a different item system.

I'm not very familiar with the item system in Auto Chess or Chess Rush, but I know that you only have one item per hero in Underlords and can swap them between heroes freely. TFT lets you combine two item components to craft items on your champions. You cannot remove these items from a champion unless you sell them, so it's very important to think carefully about what items are going where. You can have up to 3 completed items on a champion, so it's common to build team comps around one or two champions stacked with items.

The one other big difference I noticed about TFT vs. other auto battlers is that it's the only one I've seen where you square off directly against your opponents. Other auto battlers have you fighting phantom versions of your opponents, so you don't actually fight head to head. This results in TFT having faster matches and makes it more fun to play with groups. We had a group of 7 playing in Discord the other night squaring off against each other.

I’ve been playing Underlords on my phone, but only the solo mode. Multiplayer matches take too long for how I game on my phone and while I know it’s also available on PC there are far more engaging games begging for time on that platform.

Is there any word on if TFT is coming to mobile? I would be more than happy to give that one a shot. I actually downloaded LoL and got in queue when it first came out, but I never actually got into a game. Maybe it is the one that will pull me from playing three of these things.

I like Auto Chess because it already feels like a finished product. I guess that makes sense, it is the oldest.

I like how Underlords is a bit simpler and it's QOL improvements. For instance, when you get three of a kind they auto combine, items can be moved from character to character, and it shows your alliances better.

The main reason I play Chess Rush, it has my favorite character designs. They are a lot more detailed than the other two. One thing different it does that I like is that it auto-recommends which character to put items on. It does suck though when that recommendation is, "Sucks to be you. This item doesn't work for anyone.

EverythingsTentative wrote:

Is there any word on if TFT is coming to mobile? I would be more than happy to give that one a shot. I actually downloaded LoL and got in queue when it first came out, but I never actually got into a game. Maybe it is the one that will pull me from playing three of these things.

Not that I know of yet, but hopefully soon. Aside from my Switch, I tend to only play my mobile games in bite-sized chunks, so I'm glad most of these auto battlers are also available on PC so far. I don't think it'll be too long before they make their way to console too. The interface could be adapted for a controller very easily.

I hadn't heard of Chess Rush before, but that does look nice. Looks like it's mobile only, but it has a Turbo mode to speed up matches, so maybe that would fit more into a bit-sized game like I would like for mobile. I'll probably try that or Underlords next whenever I decide to experiment outside of TFT.

One thing that I just learned is that everyone is pulling from the same pool of chess pieces. So if you see a couple players going for specific chess pieces, you might want to avoid that piece because there will be less of them.

I've been playing a bit of Underlords after listening to a podcast about Auto Chess and deciding to check it out. Between the big three I went with Valve largely because I have no interest in installing some third party launcher, or in other words: I'm super lazy.

It's quite interesting so far, very much targeted towards someone like me who has lost all interest in MOBAs but still wants to experience some of the meta strategy aspects of those games. Ideally, I would prefer something in the 20 minute region, but so far 40 hasn't been too straining. I really enjoy the early through mid game, though often I find myself struggling to upgrade my characters appropriately. I think I'm too focused on matching attributes to gain their respective combo passives, so now I try to balance what's showing up in the market with my current strategy and placement.

I wish there was just a bit more time during that market phase, often I will spend time in the UI checking compatibility, and only have enough time to make my purchase, not having the time to place my unit on the field. This happens quite often and it burns me everytime.

Interesting genre, and I'm glad it's on mobile as well. I think it's much better suited for that platform than the numerous Battle Royale games on mobile, which always seemed like an odd mix to me.

If you decide to stick to mobile, give Chess Rush a shot. It has a mode that takes around 10 minutes. I haven't played it in a while, so I can't remember the specifics of that mode, but if you are struggling with time running out between rounds, it may exaggerate that.

As far as building synergies vs leveling up pieces, don't go into a round with one specific build in mind. I usually don't know which way my build is going until round 10 or so. My build is usually determined by what couple pieces I get leveled up to 2 stars first, without refreshing the store. I don't ever refresh the store until I have over 50 gold. This means that I lose a lot in the early game, but that's okay as long I limit the bleeding. Once I know which way my build is going I tend to level and synergize in tandem, while keeping my gold above 50.

I will definitely check out Chess Rush! I need a good "toilet" game. JUDGE ME

In terms of Gold strategy, I've found sticking in the middle economy (~$40) has struck a good balance for me through round 30. It's enough to refresh through and get more interesting options mid game, and change strategy if I've gone too far on one path and at least one player has a devastating counter to it.

I've also followed your suggestion about focusing on getting a couple 2 stars as quickly as possible, and that's been quite the game changer. I'm mostly playing Hardcore (can't always guarantee network on mobile), and I'm now consistently in top 4, and 2/3 times I take the top spot!

The next thing I want to work on is learning item synergies. By the time I have 5+ items, I generally get very lost on how best to optimize who gets what. This may just come with practice I suspect, but it's something that causes me more head scratching that I'm comfortable with.

All in all, loving Overloards so far. It's novel and challenging, hopefully it keeps my attention!