NFL 2019: Preseason / Training Camp

Jayhawker wrote:

Runs to Sleeper to see who’s screwed...

*sheepishly raises hand

Report: AB threatened to punch Mayock in the face. My "gone by Sunday" prediction might be too generous.

Edit: Burfict held him back! Did Incognito tell him to take it easy, too?

Which will happen first: AB's suspension confirmed, or the posting of the Week 1 thread?!

Yeah when is someone going to post a Week 1 thread? Rabble rabble!

It's not the second quarter of tonight's first game yet, why would we expect a thread already?

If AB is suspended, PFT seems to think the Raiders can dump his guaranteed money. That's hilarious if it happens because AB's gone off the deep end.

Miami: We're tanking for Tua!

Indy: No more Luck, we're tanking now too!

Oakland: Watch this, bitches

oldmanscene24 wrote:
Jayhawker wrote:

Runs to Sleeper to see who’s screwed...

*sheepishly raises hand

Laughing at you, Old Man!

*Legion* wrote:
On March 10th, Jayhawker wrote:

The Raiders acquired a WR at peak Diva. What could possibly go wrong?

That thread included these details that I forgot:

*Legion* wrote:

Antonio Brown traded to the Raiders for 3rd and 5th round picks. Also the Raiders are giving him an extra $11 million added onto his contact. Not an extension, no extra years, just a pay increase. I'm assuming that pay increase is guaranteed money.

EDIT: Wow, even more than that. They didn't just guarantee the $11 million of new money, they turned existing money into guaranteed.

He went from $39 mil with no guaranteed to $50 million with $30 million of that guaranteed.

Spotrac's numbers confirm these early reports. $30.125m fully guaranteed: $1m of signing bonus, plus fully guaranteed salaries in 2019 ($14.625m) and 2020 ($14.5m).

The guaranteed salary brings to mind the Brock Osweiler contract, in which the guaranteed money could be taken off the original team's books via trade because it's salary. Only the paltry $1m of signing bonus is impossible to move.

Not that anything will happen before this season, but if we're going into the 2020 offseason with this drama, maybe we could see that kind of "take him plus this pick to get him off our cap" deal happen again.

The Raiders and AB have a lot of beers for folks to hold.

The nature of what happened changes the calculus there. As has been suggested elsewhere, the Raiders may be able to get out of those salary guarantees with suspension.

In fact, we saw this exact thing happen last year with the Jaguars and Leonard Fournette. His suspension last year (which was for 1 game) voided all future guarantees on his salary. Fournette challenged that, but it was upheld. Now, the Jaguars weren't looking to dump Fournette, so he's still there and earning that salary, but since that suspension, the team has had the ability to get rid of him with only the prorated signing bonus counting as dead money.

AB, like I said in the quoted post, only got a small $1m signing bonus. That money, like Fournette's bonus, probably is not subject to action from the kind of suspension that would apply in this case. But in AB's case, that's just a drop in the water. Assuming AB's contract language is similar to Fournette's (which as I understand it is standard language), the Raiders would seemingly be able to get rid of AB with only the $1m signing bonus out of pocket.


AB is likely going to lose $30 million over raging about a $40,000 fine that he absolutely earned.

Is the legalese the reason they keep kicking any announcement about a suspension down the road or are they thinking about doing more?

I don't want to suggest I've checked out even more from the NFL, but I literally just realized the season kicks off tonight.

My favorite article about it yet:

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, . . .

When Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown went after Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock, threatening to punch his boss in the face, he had to be held back by at least one teammate.

And according to Vic Tafur of, that teammate was linebacker Vontaze Burfict.


The idea of the oft-suspended linebacker — who, by the way, once knocked Brown out of a playoff game with a vicious shot to the head — being the voice of reason is more perfectly Raiders than anything.

The two began burying the hatchet months ago, when coach Jon Gruden paired them for the team’s OTA Family Feud.

So naturally, Burfict was the one to bring the temperature down.

*Legion* wrote:
Kush15 wrote:
Jayhawker wrote:

Runs to Sleeper to see who’s screwed...

Here's a hint for who has him in Dynasty....

Dynasty is the worst. Anyone that picked him in a redraft this year should have known what they were getting into. But you drafted AB in friggin 2012.

Technically someone who peaced out after 2016 drafted him in 2012, and he inherited the team I wanted to claim in 2017 instead of the team I got He got a team with brown, evans, and diggs on it. I think I got a team who had traded away the 2nd pick of the 2016 draft and another player for Donte Moncrief.

Rat Boy wrote:

Is the legalese the reason they keep kicking any announcement about a suspension down the road or are they thinking about doing more?

I think the suspension is the nuclear option, and they're debating whether or not to press that button.

I think what they would like to do is have the situation play out like the Jags and Fournette, where the guarantees are gone, thus providing a consequence and unshackling the team, but have the player continue to play out the contract rather than immediately terminating it. Realistically, though, I think if they suspend him and trigger that guarantee revocation, Antonio Brown won't step foot into the Raiders building ever again.

Alright FINE, Week 1 thread

My last football lock for a good while. *sniff*